QSC Now Shipping Two New AcousticDesign and AcousticCoverage Installation Loudspeakers

May 1 2020, 00:15
QSC announced it is now shipping the AD-P.HALO, an integrated SUB/SAT pendant loudspeaker system, and the AC-C2T-LP, a low-profile ceiling-mount full range loudspeaker. Both models are designed to simplify installation for background music and voice-reinforced environments. Meanwhile, the Costa Mesa, CA company also launched its QSC@Home initiative, a comprehensive online resource dedicated to online training, certification and entertainment.

As part of the AcousticDesign Series, the new AD-P.HALO loudspeaker features an integrated 6.5" subwoofer and four 2.75" transducers in a single pendant-mount enclosure. This purpose-built design is ready to install right out of the box, eliminating complex and time-consuming assembly while greatly expediting the installation process and reducing overall labor costs.

"The AD-P.HALO is ideal for applications where music inspires the overall atmosphere, such as high-end retail or hospitality. At 200 watts RMS, the AD-P.HALO offers significant dynamic headroom that far surpasses the background music performance of traditional two-way pendant-mount loudspeakers," QSC explains.

The new AD-P.HALO also shares sonic characteristics with the rest of the AcousticDesign Series, allowing integrators to seamlessly mix-and-match enclosures types, including ceiling-mount, pendant-mount and surface-mount form factors, within in the same installation.

The new AcousticCoverage Series AC-C2T-LP is a low-profile, ceiling-mounted 2.75" full-range loudspeaker, designed for installations with tighter space requirements or where lower ceiling heights are more common. Featuring a 95 mm installation depth, it offers a cost-effective option for environments where voice-reinforced coverage is a primary concern, including conference rooms and background music (BGM) applications.

The diameter of the AC-C2T-LP matches the popular AC-C6T, a 6.5" 2-way system loudspeaker, which allows installers to interchange them when they encounter unexpected ceiling obstructions without affecting the look of the whole installation. It also offers a 170° conical coverage, reducing the number of loudspeakers required for consistent coverage in low-ceiling applications.

When combined with Q-SYS network amplifiers, QSC processing amplifiers or MP-M Series mixers, both the AD-P.HALO and AC-C2T-LP take full advantage of Intrinsic Correction, a QSC proprietary voicing algorithm that helps reduce the set up time and tuning process.

“These two new loudspeakers answer some real pain points integrators experience with excessive loudspeaker assembly time and flexibility to accommodate the needs of virtually any installation,” says Travis Nie, Product Manager, Installed Loudspeakers, QSC. “Both the AD-P.HALO and AC-C2T-LP are unique loudspeaker options in their class and deliver the overall musicality to produce the rich sonic timbre needed for background music or voice-reinforced atmospheres.”

QSC has been promoting a series of online concerts with musicians and bands from California during the shelter-at-home duration. Now, the Costa Mesa company announced the premiere of QSC@Home, a comprehensive online resource featuring a unique collection of online training, tutorials, certification, webinars, entertainment and live online support from company experts. Content covers the full spectrum of products and application segments from the company, and should be valuable from systems contractors and integrators, to live sound engineers and cinema technicians.

QSC@Home programs are offered completely free-of-charge and are available in a variety of time zones and languages. QSC@Home also provides free, open access to systems, live sound and cinema training at QSCtraining.com, the training platform that already features hundreds of hours of on-demand, searchable training sessions. 

"Training and education has always has been at the forefront of what we do at QSC, as our relationship with our customers only just begins at the point of sale,” says Ray van Straten, QSC Senior Director of Marketing, Live Sound. "Now, more than ever, we remain committed to empowering our customers with the knowledge and support they require to build skill, gain confidence and achieve success in their endeavors. Investments in learning today can only result in a faster and more rewarding commercial recovery once we’re past our current season."
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