PureAudioProject Introduces New Trio15 Coax10 Open Baffle Speakers

December 29 2020, 00:50
PureAudioProject just confirmed that its latest Trio15 configuration is now available for pre-order. As Ze'ev (Wolf) Schlik, the founder of the modular speaker company explains, the Trio15 Coax10 project is a step closer to the realization of its original vision. "For a long time we were aiming for a three-way Open Baffle Speaker made right; and with 2020 coming to end we are excited to announce the addition of Trio15 Coax10 to our Trio15 line."

The Trio15 Coax10 was designed with music in mind, while pushing the sonic envelope of the company's modular Trio15 platform to the edge across the entire frequency range. "Its natural, smooth, but at the same time fast and dynamic sound, makes it a no-compromise high-end performer with any music genre," says Schlik.

Among the project's main design goals was the creation of a point source configuration for no-fatigue, long listening sessions, where speakers can simply disappear in the room - albeit its very visible presence. With its large size, the Trio15 Coax10 speakers are able to generate a full-range, real-life sonic experience with music being felt in the room. And obviously, maintaining the consistent sonic signature of a PureAudioProject open baffle configuration for music reproduction, characterized by its founder as "smooth, organic and natural."

The design challenge with this coaxial configuration was the choice of drivers to achieve that consistency and similar sonic signatures, by adding carefully designed zero-phase-shift crossovers with top-grade components, silver/gold oil capacitors and copper foil coils, all selected in close cooperation with audio component manufacturers. The Trio15 Coax10 was successful in that search and all drivers blend seamlessly and provide a complete sound, according to the company.

Fundamental to that combination is the D'Appolito configuration where the acoustical center of mass is defined by the point source mid/high coaxial driver, a 10" unit designed specifically for open baffle applications, with a 1.4" polymer cone horn tweeter. Another detail was the choice of materials with similar sonic characteristics in all three drivers, while the dedicated 4th and 2nd order crossovers ensures optimal results for each frequency range. Sensitivity is rated at 96dB, with the frequency response extending to 32Hz (in a typical room), thanks to the two large 15" paper cone woofers.

This new PureAudioProject Trio15 Coax10 design uses once again the field proven OB-A15Neo 15" woofers, for seamless integration. These were designed and manufactured specifically by Eminence for use in open baffle and are an upgrade to the field-proven Eminence Alpha15 speakers with optimizations for PureAudioProject. As Jerry McNutt, Eminence Product Design Manager explains, "These are the highest performance and lower distortion 15" drivers that have been specifically optimized for Open Baffle use. They share the same cone and surround as the Alpha15, but are different in all the rest. With the Neo version we went with a cast basket, stronger neodymium magnets, 2.5" voice coil motors to gain more motor strength, increase linearity, increase power handling, lower power compression, and to be able to add shorting rings to lower distortion and lower the Le."

The result generates a wide horizontal and vertical soundstage to allow for flexible room placement (optimized for 2' to 4' from rear wall), and an update in sound reproduction that PureAudioProject believes will appeal even to existing owners of Trio15 speakers. One of the joys of owning PureAudioProject modular open baffles is the possibility to change the center modules to obtain different configurations.

Like with all the brand's models, existing owners have a cost-effective upgrade path to newer options, multiple finishes for each module, and exclusive pre-order offers. The Trio15 Coax10 speakers will start shipping in February 2021 and are manufactured both in the USA and Europe (crossovers and coaxial drivers). Pre-orders will benefit from significant savings from the planned price of $7,490 US for a pair, with free shipping in the USA and Europe ($300 US for shipping anywhere else in the world).

All Trio15 speakers are modular and share the same frame platform and baffles. PureAudioProject speakers are shipped in a flat packed disassembled form, ready for a simple assembly.
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