Pulse Electronics Releases New Nanocrystalline Common Mode Choke Series

December 14 2017, 02:50
Pulse Electronics Power BU, a leading provider of electronic components, announced the release of its new PH9455 series, the amorphous metal common mode choke. Expanding on the existing Pulse family of common mode chokes, the PH9455 series provide higher impedance per unit volume when compared to ferrite core solutions, and filters out common mode EMI noise while reducing size.

The new PH9455 common mode chokes are designed with a nanocrystalline core that allows for a compact design, increased EMI noise suppression performance, and higher impedance per unit volume with performance ranging from 1uH to 82uH up to 22A in 13x10x32 mm package size, sustaining reliability and reducing cost of the production price.

"The high permeability of nanocrystalline core material allows us to achieve the inductance of a ferrite core based solution with less winding turns. This results in a higher current carrying capability in a smaller form factor as well as the broader impedance profile that is characteristic of this material," explains Gerard Healy, Field Applications Engineer, Pulse Electronics Power Business Unit.

These common mode chokes are available to fit front end EMI filters on AC/DC or DC/DC circuits or back end filtering on DC/AC circuits. Production lead time is approximately six weeks, and samples are available upon request. Further details are available on our datasheet located at http://products.pulseelex.com/files/product_files/P789_119.pdf
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