Propellerhead Launches Reason Compact 2.0 – A Pocket Music Studio

May 23 2019, 01:15
Propellerhead Software launched Reason Compact 2.0, a free and easy-to-use mobile app for iOS, which offers a comprehensive music studio for iPhone or iPad. The new version evolves from what was basically a pocket synth app to offering an advanced pocket music studio, with sequencing and recording. More important, all creations done inside the Compact 2.0 can be directly exported to the complete Reason 10.4 desktop software, also now updated.

According to Swedish music software company, the flagship Europa synthesizer which was part of the original app is still right at  the users' fingertips, now adding two new amazing-sounding instruments. Rytmik Drum Machine offers a simple yet powerful drum machine and the Monotone Bass Synthesizer was designed to generate powerful and deep basslines. The two new devices can also be found in Reason 10.4, the new desktop version being released as well.

“With Reason Compact 2.0 we have developed our pocket synth into an extensive pocket music studio. It’s the perfect app no matter if you are a rising star crafting your first beat or a seasoned music producer who wants to sketch out ideas on the go. When you want to take your tracks further you can easily export the song ideas from your mobile to Reason 10 on your desktop for the final touchup”, says Hanna Åstrand, Product Manager at Propellerhead.

The Rytmik drum machine offers 18 free inspiring drum kits and users will be able to generate unique beats with the easy to use drum pads and built-in patterns in the drum grid.Built-in pre-made beats and sounds are created by world-class music producers, and designed for a range of modern music genres. And users will now be able to create complete rhythm tracks with basslines programmed in the new Monotone Bass Synthesizer using the smart keyboard feature that helps staying in key. 

With Reason Compact 2.0, users can give beats and melodies their own personal touch and add depth and texture by exploring all the different built-in effects like reverb, delay and Unison effects. For those just getting started making music, the explainers and inspirational tips in the app will quickly guide the user.

When there's something created with the app that is worth taking to the studio, users will be able to export their tracks and ideas to Reason 10 on the desktop to finish the music with unlimited creative options. A streamlined desktop version, Reason Lite, is free to download for Reason Compact users. Reason 10 owners can download the Reason 10.4 update also for free.

Reason Compact 2.0 also allows users to collaborate with friends in real-time using Ableton Link and they can also connect with other music apps using Audiobus or Inter-app Audio. Reason Compact 2.0 is now available via the Apple App Store. Reason 10 is available in the Reason Intro version for USD $99 MSRP and the full Reason 10 package for USD $399.
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