Propellerhead Take 2.0 Free Recording App

April 29 2015, 03:10
Propellerhead Software announced the release of Take 2.0, the greatly anticipated update to its creative free vocal recorder. The update includes a new Voice Tune effect, applying effects on each channel and mixing the final sound with mastering presets. Whatever the use, it’s a great free recording app for the iPhone.

According to Propellerhead, Take 2.0 “introduces newly added features based on customer feedback, making music creation even more inspiring and intuitive.” Among the main new things on the app is the new Voice Tune effect, allowing to simply stay in tune or go “full-on robot voice.” The app also allows applying effects on each channel, from adding color to a recording all the way up to adding distortion.

Take combines the drop-dead simplicity of a voice memo app with great-sounding tools for recording music. Designed to inspire musicians, the app allows starting from scratch with a new recording track or simply to sing, rap, hum, and strum to the built-in beats or loops.

Take is ideal for singers/songwriters since it enables users to quickly record a new music idea directly on the iPhone, following the same logic any musician would consider, from recording new tracks or managing different takes and different parts, until the whole makes sense.

Take 2 also enables musicians to look for community-made music on Propellerhead’s website as inspiration, or simply searching for backing tracks for a new tune. Take 2 even allows connecting with a global community of music makers and is fully compatible with other Propellerhead apps, such as Figure, a very simple multitrack instrument and sequencer.
Most important, Take 2.0 now includes mastering presets which will help achieve a “final mix” sound to any recording/creation.

Take 2.0 and Figure are available in the Apple App store for free. We recommend watching the videos available on Propellerhead’s website. 

There’s even a “Take in 30 seconds” video here.
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