POW Audio Grows Product Portfolio with New Expandable Una Speaker Line

September 23 2019, 00:30
POW Audio is a new audio brand focused on reimagining ultra-portable, omnidirectional speakers through its patented expandable-chamber WaveBloom technology. Following a very successful introduction of the concept at CES 2019, the company now announced the first two of three products in its Una line, a suite of Bluetooth speakers that boast premium, high-output sound and ultra-portability. The Una and Una X are both ideal for listening at home, a beach vacation, event gathering or day by the pool.

Both the new Una and Una X leverage the full potential of POW Audio’s WaveBloom technology, which creates an expandable, air-filled chamber that results in demonstrably better resonance and improved sound quality for a compact structure. Use of the technology allows both units to collapse for ultimate portability, easily carried in a backpack, suitcase or handbag.

Headquartered in Lowell, Massachusetts, and with a new European subsidiary in the UK, earlier in 2019, POW Audio released the Mo Bluetooth speaker, a pocket-sized, magnetic unit that combines portability with high-quality resonance and frequency response. With the launch of the Una line, POW Audio now offers ultra-portability with increased sound volume across multiple classes of wireless speakers. The Una line is compatible with almost any sound source device, including but not limited to Apple and Android products. Any two units in the Una line can be synced together to a stereo pair.

The Una model includes an adjustable travel strap that can easily attach to most backpacks for on-the-go entertainment during any type of commuting or adventuring—whether walking, biking, hiking or scootering. Additionally, Una, which is sinkproof when expanded, comes with a Lily Float that attaches to the unit and stabilizes the speaker on water such that the speaker grill is facing upward for clear listening.

The Una X model is small enough to fit in a backpack but offers the high-quality resonance of bigger, bulkier speakers via its omnidirectional speaker driver, which allows sound to travel from all sides of the speaker.

“At POW Audio, we’re constantly thinking about how we can get WaveBloom to enhance the lives of as many people as possible,” says POW Audio Founder, Chairman and CEO, Glen Walter. “Our answer remains consistent: Create purpose-driven innovations that not only deliver demonstrably improved audio performance, but also added value with unique functionality and real versatility. The practicality and unmatched portability of our Una line is as noteworthy as its sound. Whether it be for at-home enjoyment, the on-the-go commuter or the traveler sitting by the pool, Una and Una X offer listening experiences and convenience unlike any other in the space.”

POW Audio’s WaveBloom concept was first conceived when Walter’s son, Cameron, became frustrated with the offerings among portable Bluetooth speakers. Cameron found that speakers were either too clunky or didn’t provide quality sound. That prompted the father-son duo to develop the WaveBloom technology, which spawned the company’s first product, the Mo Bluetooth speaker.

The new Una speaker measures just 6.4 inches high, 6.8 inches wide and 2 inches deep (collapsed) and charges via a USB-C, delivering 14 hours of runtime on a full two-hour charge. The Una X is 8 inches high, 7.8 inches wide and 2.25 inches deep (collapsed) and also charges via a USB-C, featuring 16
hours of playing time. Una X also includes a microphone.

Una retails for $99.99 USD and Una X for $149.99 USD. Both are available for purchase at Amazon. POW Audio products will soon be available at select premium retailers in the US, UK and Canada in fall 2019. 
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