POW Audio Introduces Ultra-Compact Speaker with Patented WaveBloom Technology

January 7 2019, 00:45
POW Audio, a new brand specializing in portable audio, is trying to reimagine Bluetooth speaker construction and capabilities through its transformational, ultra-portable designs. At CES 2019, the company will be previewing Mo, the first release in its larger family of products. This new ultra-compact speaker uses the company’s patented WaveBloom technology, which expands to create an air-filled wave chamber resulting in demonstrably better resonance and increased volume. Mo will be available for pre-order in January following CES 2019, with shipments beginning in February.

According to the company from Lowell, Massachusetts, the effects of the patented wave chamber first implemented in Mo, deliver deep bass, full midrange, and crisp highs with impressive volume for a compact package that can fit into a pocket when not in use. POW Audio’s patent (U.S. Patent No. 9,351,066) covers a portable collapsible-expandable audio speaker with an enhanced acoustical platform in which the chamber walls are selectively expandable and collapsible by the user.

POW Audio was founded by Glen Walter, an industrial designer who has spent his career developing products for brands such as Nike, Burton Snowboards, Microsoft and Samsung, as well as owning and operating a number of design studios in Boston and New York. “We’re thrilled to introduce POW Audio and our WaveBloom technology at CES because we truly believe our products will set a new standard for sound quality within the portable audio industry," says Glen Walter. “When creating Mo, we didn't just try to improve what was already out in the marketplace. We worked to fill a clear gap – an extremely portable speaker with an expandable design that doesn't sacrifice bass resonance and delivers huge volume.”

The WaveBloom technology differentiates POW Audio within the portable audio space by harnessing air via a transformable middle housing that serves as an elastomer passive radiator. When expanded, the speakers have a smooth, air-filled chamber with continuously curved, non-stepped walls. POW Audio uses best-in-class compact transducers and internal board components matched with the unique physical platform that introduces a large volume of air. This combination gives POW Audio the ability to push the limits of digital signal processing (DSP), enabling the music to reach higher highs and lower lows that the standard, tightly packed "black boxes" cannot achieve. In addition to speakers, POW Audio has also created a line of accessories to optimize the listening experience and portability of its products.

Mo is the first product to use POW Audio's patented WaveBloom technology, and offers enhanced bass, loudness, and improved overall sound quality within a super portable, affordable package, retailing for $99.99. Mo also offers Stereo Sync, where two individual Mo speakers can be paired together, spreading left and right channels and boosting amplitude for an immersive true stereo experience. Mo can be attached to the back of a smartphone using an "invisible," universal mount; when not in use, Mo can be folded down flat to the back of the phone and is compact enough to fit in a pocket. The mount, which securely attaches to a smartphone or case, as well as a wallet that can be swapped in when the Mo is not attached, are included with the purchase of Mo.

Mo’s body is injection molded. The bottom plate is molded of polycarbonate, and the grill is a custom perforated steel sheet that is stamped and coated. The top plate, the expandable bellows and the bottom ring are over-molded together, creating an airtight acoustic seal. The top plate and the bottom ring are polycarbonate. The expandable middle is a pure TPU, allowing the Mo to expand from slim and portable to a big-sounding speaker.

Mo is offered in both light and dark color schemes (Snow and Graphite) with accent colors for the logo and vibration feet. It is water resistant, UV stable and compatible with Bluetooth 4.2 at a range of up to 100ft. Mo charges via a USB-C charging cord and delivers eight hours of runtime on a full two-hour charge. Mo’s specs are Length: 4.375", Width: 2.5", Height (collapsed): .937", and it weighs approximately 7 oz. Mo has integrated, intuitive finger grips positioned to pop open the expandable WaveBloom chamber, and its isolation feet, located on its bottom surface, eliminate surface vibration. Mo fits into a pocket, even when clicked to a phone using the mount or POW Click case.

CES 2019 participants will be able to listen to Mo, along with other products from POW Audio's upcoming line in booth 42374, Tech West, 2nd level.
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