PKparis Releases K’asq Wireless Earbuds with 5 Hours of Continuous Play

June 22 2016, 04:00
Another company has launched a new attempt to break the full-wireless earbuds challenge. This time, French start-up PKparis launched the K’asq Bluetooth 4.1 stereo wireless earbuds, featuring the industry’s longest battery life: 5-hours on-the-go to listen to music or calls. The PKparis earbuds also combine high quality sound with up to -40% noise reduction, anti-fall system and IP55 waterproof and a clever USB 2.0 chargebox providing 8 hours extra charge.

PKparis, a startup created in 2013 by experts in consumer electronics, is dedicated to making small, simple and smart nomad premium connected objects for digital life and mobile devices. The company’s goal is to reinvent and simplify the way users connect with the world with products created by Parisian designers. PKparis was the first French brand to be distributed by Apple in Europe with its K'1, the world's smallest USB 3 flash drive, now available on in Europe.

Working on making small, simple and smart “nomad premium connected objects”,  PKparis announced the release of its K’asq («\kask\» meaning headset in french), premium wireless Bluetooth stereo earbuds. Adding to an already extensive range of products, K’asq was designed for listening to music and wireless calling for up to 5 hours. K’asq has already been awarded with the French Institute of Design’s Janus prize, the highest label of excellence for design in France.
“In line with our previous products, we have gathered the peak of innovation in this miniaturized product, to make listening sublime and adapted to all situations of movement, even the most extreme,” says Luc Pierart, CEO and founder of PKparis. “We pride ourselves on innovation, and we’re excited to introduce K’asq on a global scale with the industry’s longest battery life.”

The K’asq wireless earbuds are Bluetooth 4.1 devices and weight only 9 grams (0.32 oz) per earbud with an internal battery achieving 5 hours of active listening and a passive reduction of outside noise by 40%. Since there are no wires connecting the two earbuds, an innovative fall-prevention system combines a fit adjustment on any ear using a rubber in-ear wing, available in 3 sizes (S, M, L), with an audible detection system to locate K'asq. If the user looses one of the K’asq’s earbuds, he can trigger a progressive alarm from their phone or smartwatch to locate the earbuds.

Three prominent buttons on the earbuds plastic, metal and rubber enclosures, which are certified IP55 for rain, dustproof and moisture, allow the user to interact quickly and easily with the K’asq’s hands free microphone and music controls. Depending on the situation, the user is able to define two positions of the earbuds, adjusting the K’asq downward - city position - with the mic close to the user’s mouth, or upwards - sport position - to insure a strong fit during extreme activity.

According to PKparis, the earbuds feature optimized sound curves and high fidelity acoustics that have been certified by the Augmented Acoustics Lab, with a grade of 4/5. These qualities position it among the best in-ear earbuds under its category on the market, coming closer to the performances for eg. to the Bose QC20.
K’asq also integrates a passive noise-cancelling system (patent pending) allowing for a 40% reduction in external noise. While traveling (running, train, plane, etc.), K’asq enhances the audio comfort by significantly reducing ambient noise. When using K’asq outside, the earbuds still allow for external sounds to be heard, enabling listeners to stay safe in any environment.  

K’asq has an exceptional battery life with more than 5 hours of continuous listening or calls. Another 8 hours of battery reserve is stored in a mini charging box (integrated USB cable and 3 LEDs to recharge), totaling more than 13 hours of autonomous listening. To conserve battery when not in use, K’asq automatically shuts down after 90 seconds without Bluetooth connection.
K’asq is available directly on the company’s website for $149 (129,99 Euros) including earbuds, the recharge box, 3 rings of different colors, 3 sizes of fall-prevention wings (S, M, L), and a mini transport cloth bag. K’asq is available also in 2 customizable versions: Sport (grey, white, orange) or City (white, light blue, red).
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