Optek Licenses and Deploys CEVA Bluetooth IP for Next-Generation Bluetooth 5 Wireless Audio Applications

January 2 2019, 01:10
CEVA, a leading licensor of signal processing platforms and artificial intelligence processors for connected devices, announced that Optek Digital Technology, a fabless semiconductor company of advanced multimedia SoCs, has licensed and deployed CEVA’s RivieraWaves Bluetooth 5 Dual Mode IP in its latest OTK528X multimedia System-on-Chip (SoC), targeting artificial intelligence (AI), voice and music market segments and applications including hearables, wireless speakers, on/in ear headphone, multi-channel AVR, musical instruments and voice user interface (VUI).

The OTK528X is fully compatible with Bluetooth 5.0 Dual Mode, including support for Bluetooth low energy links at 1Mbps, 2Mbps, 500Kbps and 125Kbps data rates. The integrated 32bit processor along with an audio DSP enable users to achieve a variety of features with outstanding performance.

“We are pleased to announce Optek as a licensee for our Bluetooth IP,” says Aviv Malinovitch, vice president and general manager of the Connectivity Business Unit at CEVA. “Bluetooth remains the de facto choice for wireless audio connectivity and the OPT528X SoC leverages the latest Bluetooth 5 innovations to deliver a comprehensive consumer wireless audio experience.”
“Our customers demand the highest quality multimedia experience in a cost-effective, highly integrated platform, with Bluetooth being an essential feature. CEVA’s RW-Bluetooth Dual Mode IP provided us with the latest enhancements valued by our customers, along with the expert technical support valued by our engineers,” Alan Gu, vice president of Optek, stated.

CEVA’s RivieraWaves Bluetooth IP platforms provide comprehensive solutions for both Bluetooth LE and Bluetooth dual mode connectivity. Each platform consists of a hardware baseband controller, plus a feature-rich software protocol stack. A flexible radio interface allows the platforms to be deployed with either RivieraWaves RF or various partners’ RF IP, enabling optimal selection of foundry and process node. All Bluetooth 5 features are supported, including LE 2Mbps data rate, Long Range and LE Advertising Extension.
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