OCA Alliance Demonstrates Expanding AES70 Interoperability at ISE 2018

February 8 2018, 04:00
The OCA Alliance - the AV trade association promoting awareness and implementation of the AES70 open network control standard - is demonstrating the very latest developments in the AES70 standard and the technologies supporting it, at ISE 2018. Alliance member companies Archwave, Bosch, d&b audiotechnik GmbH, DeusO, Focusrite, Suzhou Fitcan Technology and Your Audio Systems GmbH are exhibiting numerous products and development tools to demonstrate the multiple facets of AES70 in a hands-on environment. This includes technologies and development tools for implementing AES70 along-side products already supporting the interoperable open control and monitoring standard in the marketplace.

Among latest developments from new member companies is ORCHESTRA from Your Audio Systems GmbH. ORCHESTRA is a platform for building Linux based AES67/AES70 professional audio devices. The software includes a full AES70 (CM3) device functionality, which provides connection control, device monitoring and audio control. With its extremely low latency, sample-accurate synchronization, multi-platform support and interoperability, ORCHESTRA is an efficient, cost-effective replacement for hardware based AES67 decoders. One which offers the possibility to retrofit existing hardware devices with additional AES67 and AES70 functionality, at a reasonable price point.

Other interesting products being demonstrated come from Chinese broadcast equipment manufacturer Suzhou Fitcan Technology, which brought a complete AES70+AES70 16-channel DSP platform, an MCU solution with AoIP connectivity, and integrated 2x15W Class D amplification, and a complete 8 channel AoIP audio mixer, which can be seen interacting with all the other available AES70 systems. As Ethan Wetzell, marketing committee chair for the OCA Alliance, highlights, being an OCA Alliance member, Fitcan was able to complete AES70 implementation in a range of products, which are being demonstrated at a trade show for the first time, proving the robustness of the standard.

“ISE is, as always, an important show for this technology. It was at ISE, in 2015, that the alliance first announced its ratification as a standard by the Audio Engineering Society (AES) and it is a show where increasingly you can find the standard implemented in AV system devices from alliance members and non-members alike. This year we continue that tradition of engagement and showcase the many expanding facets of the AES70 standard, welcoming new members to the broader Open Control Architecture ecosystem,” stated Ethan Wetzell.
Petr Kulhavy, CEO and Founder, Your Audio Systems, and OCA Alliance Marketing Chair Ethan Wetzell, at the alliance booth during ISE 2018.

While certain technologies are specific to a single purpose or utility, the focus on the OCA Alliance booth is on demonstrating the various different ways in which AES70 can be implemented within a broad cross section of technologies and devices, and can support other technical standards. “ISE is a major opportunity for alliance members to meet with and speak to developers,” continues Wetzell, "And explore the multitude of options for implementing AES70 into their products with the free tools from our technical resource site.”

AES70 is an open control and monitoring standard for professional audio and AV media network devices. From a single device and controller, to networks with almost any number of devices and multiple controllers, AES70 provides for powerful, high speed, low cost, robust system control and monitoring of devices from different manufacturers. AES70 can be used in conjunction with any available transport protocol (Dante, AVB, AES67, Cobranet, etc.). Offering interoperability across different media transports and manufacturers’ devices, it enables whole new levels of complex system integration and options as to how and where network devices can be deployed. The architecture operates on commodity Ethernet networking hardware, or via standard 802.11 Wi-Fi. 

Control functionality allows system professionals to change and monitor all operating parameters of a network device, including the creation and deletion of signal paths, parameter adjustments for signal processing objects, network device firmware updates and management of access control. Control can also be limited to provide simpler 'operator' functionality; for instance, providing just level, mute, power on/off and fault indication. 

AES70 is the standard upon which the Open Control Architecture ecosystem of devices, software, development tools, and technical resources is based. AES70 is not itself a media transport, or a means of programming a network device or system control, or generating a user interface. AES70 is available free of charge to manufacturers, system integrators and designers, to implement with their own and third party network devices, as they require.
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