Nugen Audio Announces Update to Paragon Convolution Reverb

February 19 2021, 00:25
Nugen Audio released Version 1.1 of its 3D-compatible convolution reverb plug-in, Paragon. Included among the updates is the addition of outdoor Impulse Responses (IRs) and improved balancing of early reflections. Version 1.1 also features new presets and an improved browser, with “search,” “tagging” and “favorite” functions. Unlike other convolution reverbs on the market, Paragon offers full control of the decay, room size and brightness via state-of-the-art re-synthesis modeled on 3D recordings of real spaces.

"Paragon has been incredibly well-received by the film and TV industry since its release last autumn," says Nugen Audio Product Specialist Freddy Vinehill-Cliffe. "That said, we’ve listened to feedback from our friends in the industry and found that outdoor IRs and presets were the main feature request we’ve had since originally releasing the software. These elements are especially important to people working on movies and TV shows with exterior scenes, which is found in nearly every production. Additionally, the new preset browser makes it easier for users to organize their presets, which further expedites the creative process."

"Perfect for film scoring applications, Paragon provides an unprecedented level of tweak-ability, with zero time-stretching – which means no artifacts. Additionally, the plug-in features spectral analysis and precise EQ of the IRs. With purity of sound at the forefront of this plug-in, Paragon reverb operates in up to 7.1.2 channels of audio, making it ideal for surround and immersive audio applications, including Dolby Atmos bed tracks. Further, it features individually configurable crosstalk per channel, unique technology for re-synthesis of authentic IRs, HPF and LPF per channel, and switchable LFE," Vinehill-Cliffe adds.

In addition to being used with Dolby Atmos sessions, Nugen Audio’s Paragon reverb plug-in is well-suited to creating immersive reverbs in mono, stereo and surround formats, allowing users to recreate authentic sounds of real spaces and manipulate IRs while still maintaining true convolution characteristics.

Nugen Audio Paragon is currently available for $599 USD (+tax). 

Nugen Audio is a leading software developer for post-production, music and broadcast applications, renown for its loudness metering/correction, surround audio, mixing/mastering, tracking and audio analysis tools.
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