New High-Quality Heavy-Duty Neodymium High-Frequency Drivers from MAG Audio

August 9 2016, 03:00
MAG Audio, the professional transducer and speaker systems manufacturer from Ukraine, introduced a new line of lightweight high-performance high-frequency compression drivers. Following the introduction of the new N7000 series at trade shows, including Prolight+Sound 2016 in Frankfurt, MAG Audio now confirms availability of all three 2.8” aluminum voice coil titanium dome based models, with 1.4” , 1.5” and 2” throat diameters for different horn designs.

According to MAG Audio, the new compact, lightweight neodymium magnet units are equipped with copper shorting caps for lower inductance values and improved high-end frequency response. Both 8 Ohm and 16 Ohm versions are available for N7140, N7150 and N7200 drivers for optimal internal passive crossover designs.

The new HF units benefit from very compact dimensions and effective cooling, making them perfect for volume-sensitive applications, such as high-power line arrays and powerful conventional 2-way systems. Due also to the lowered frequency operational range, the N7000 series offers more options for passive, as well as active crossover designs for seamless woofer – high-frequency driver transition.

The new N7000 driver series is already employed successfully in the brand’s own MAG Audio N series speaker systems, which already received favorable reviews for its compact and lightweight design, performance and sonic qualities. MAG Audio believes the N7000 series to be a great alternative for speaker manufacturers looking for reasonably priced high-quality units, backed up with the warranty, service and convenient logistics from its Eastern Europe located production site.
More technical information on the three new N7000 drivers is already available on MAG Audio’s website.
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