Mytek Digital Introduces Mytek Brooklyn AMP and Clef Mobile Hi-Res Audio Headphone Amplifier and DAC

May 24 2017, 04:00
The New York digital audio specialists from Mytek Digital have showcased two brand new products at High End Munich 2017, starting with the highly portable Clef mobile headphone amplifier USB/DAC with MQA, which the company previewed earlier at the High-Resolution Audio Pavilion at CES 2017. The other news is the launch of a brand new Class-D design for their newest amplifier, aptly called the Brooklyn AMP, following the same form factor of the Brooklyn DAC.

Now available for pre-order, the new Mytek Clef is an ergonomic hi-res audio headphone amplifier and DAC, offering up to 24-bit / 192kHz and DSD128 playback, with driverless USB Class 2, with MQA unfolding capability, plus aptX Bluetooth and AAC for iPhone 7’s. The mobile device was previewed at CES 2017, when Mytek attended the High-Resolution Audio Pavilion showcase, and we had the chance to see it from the hand of Michal Jurewicz, the company's founder. As he explained, the Mytek Clef might be a compact and extremely light device but it was designed following many of the lessons learned with the acclaimed Brooklyn and Manhattan II DACs. It’s a powerful high fidelity headphone amplifier, including a Hi-Res Sabre 9018 DAC chipset, easily driving quality headphones at twice the volume of typical smartphones.

Tentatively priced at $299 MSRP, and expected to ship in Q2, 2017, the Mytek Clef is designed to drive most demanding high quality headphones and in-ear monitors, providing portable hi-res music playback anywhere. It can also be coupled wirelessly with any amartphone, tablet or computer. Uniquely, it is the world’s second portable device, after Meridian’s Explorer2, to offer high resolution MQA music playback when connected to a computer via mini-USB. 
Mytek's founder, Michal Jurewicz, showing the new Clef Mobile Hi-Res Audio Headphone Amplifier and DAC at the High-Resolution Audio Pavilion showcase, during CES 2017.

The Mytek Clef also allows for taking the phone calls while listening to music through non-microphone headphones and has a host of additional hi-res DSP audio features. Dimensions are 4” L x 2.5” W x 0.5" H, and battery life is approx. 8 hours.

Mytek Brooklyn AMP
But the news from Mytek at High End Munich 2017 also included another completely new product. Mytek has come up with a revolutionary Class-D design for their newest amplifier, aptly called the Brooklyn AMP. Like the name suggests, the Brooklyn AMP will join the renowned Brooklyn DAC and shares its visual design. Mytek engineers built the AMP after endlessly listening, soldering, substituting components, computing — and even more listening — before they gave their stamp of approval on the final version of the Brooklyn AMP.

The name is aptly chosen because the Brooklyn AMP fits in the same housing as the DAC, albeit with an inch of extra depth. It will be available in the same silver and black finishes as the Brooklyn DAC. Apart from its elegant looks, the Brooklyn AMP produces 2 x 300 Watts of output power at 8 ohms and drives even the most difficult of loudspeakers with ease.

Mytek claims of having created a “triode Class-A sounding Class-D” design which will make the Brooklyn AMP relevant for Audiophiles worldwide. The expected retail price of the Brooklyn AMP is 1.995 Euro/USD and delivery will start mid-summer 2017.
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