Maxim Improves Compact Synchronous Buck Converters for Automotive Applications

May 28 2018, 00:50
Automotive designers can now significantly lower EMI and increase efficiency with the pin-compatible MAX20073 and MAX20074 buck converters from Maxim Integrated Products. The new MAX20073/74 compact converters have unique spread-spectrum and Sync In features, and offer the industry's superior EMI performance with ultra-low quiescent current, ideal for automotive infotainment and advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) applications.

Designers need buck converters that meet today's increasingly stringent requirements such as small solution size, specific voltage regulation precision, and higher efficiency. Automotive designers are tasked with adding more features to modern, high-end cars, while using a highly efficient, compact solution that meets or exceeds EMI requirements. However, as more automotive features are added, the number of power rails continue to increase as well. Each individual power rail is powered from the car battery through a front-end buck converter and often require specific voltage regulation precision requirements. On top of all those challenges, designers need to meet stringent safety standards in the industry.

The MAX20073/MAX20074 features higher efficiency than competitive solutions and offer the lowest EMI in the industry, reducing interference that can impact the function of sub-systems in a small solution size with ultra-low quiescent current. Combined with Maxim's unique spread spectrum oscillator, Sync In functionality, forced PWM, skip modes and current-mode architecture, the system quality and performance dramatically improves, easing overall system designs. 

Additionally, backend point-of-load (POL) buck converters, such as the MAX20073/MAX20074, send very specific voltages to the many power rails that come with adding advanced modern features. Its output voltage accuracy makes it ideal for applications that have these tight processor and memory voltage requirements. The ICs also adhere to tight safety standards, operate with low-input voltages across a wide range of temperatures, and minimize radio frequency interference (RFI) while exhibiting high accuracy, high efficiency, and high reliability.

Its small 3mm x 3mm 10-pin TDFN-EP package reduces overall system footprint, while saving system BOM cost. Operates over the -40-degree Celsius to +125-degree Celsius ambient temperature range. Output voltage can be pre-set at the factory to allow ±1.5 percent output-voltage accuracy without the need for expensive 0.1 percent external resistors.

The MAX20073 is available for $1.20 and MAX20074 is available for $1.30. The MAX20073EVKIT# and MAX20074EVKIT# evaluation kits are available for $45. Designers are recommended to contact Maxim for pin-compatible ASIL variants.
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