Mavin Introduces Air-X True Wireless Earbuds with 10 Hour Battery Life and 100ft Connection Based on Qualcomm QCC3026 Platform

September 24 2018, 00:25
Mavin, a Californian brand of wireless and digital audio solutions, announced the Air-X true wireless earbuds, which claims to be the first to last 10-hours with one standalone charge, and up to 50 hours with its included charging case. The brand, winners of the German iF Design Award, the Red Dot Design Award and the CES Innovation Product Design Award, implemented Qualcomm’s latest chipset for premium wireless headphones. Air-X is available on Indiegogo with Super Early Bird specials starting at $99 (44% off regular price of $179).

“With today’s mobile lifestyle, consumers want a solution that’s high-performing, comfortable and compact for all-day use”, says Roger, CEO of Mavin Inc. “That’s why we worked with Qualcomm’s next generation TrueWireless Stereo technology for reliable Bluetooth connection, long lasting battery and great sound.”

"We are pleased to have worked so closely with Mavin to help them integrate our latest low-power Bluetooth audio SoC into their Air-X earbuds”, says Anthony Murray, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Qualcomm Technologies International. “This breakthrough platform combines Qualcomm TrueWireless Stereo, Qualcomm aptX audio and Qualcomm cVc noise reduction technology to help meet increasing consumer demand for superior audio quality, while also supporting significantly extended battery life and playback time."

Together with Qualcomm Technologies, Mavin has successfully developed the Air-X, with up to 10 hours of play time (up to 50 hours with pocket-sized charging case, 10 minutes quick charge for 1-hour play time) in a super light-weight design that weighs less than 4.5g per earbud. Air-X also features voice assistant (Siri, Google), call audio in both ears, Qualcomm cVc noise reduction technology and built-in ANC (Active Noise Cancellation, Air-ANC model only, launching Q1 2019) to support crystal clear voice call quality and premium audio experience to users.

Mavin solves one of the most common problems that consumers encounter with their wireless headsets, earphones and earbuds - the distance and angle of transmission between the playback devices. Its patented antenna design provides a long and wide-range signal reception designed to enable highly reliable wireless connection from pocket-to-ear, and ear-to-ear. Air-X’s ergonomic stabilizer and ear tips secure the earbuds in the ear for comfortable, all day wear.

The Mavin Air-X earbuds are powered by the latest Qualcomm low-power Bluetooth Audio SoC, QCC3026, which supports Bluetooth 5 and, Qualcomm aptX audio technology. Air-X implements Qualcomm TrueWireless Stereo Plus, eliminating the need for cross-head Bluetooth transmission by simultaneously connecting the mobile device to both earbuds. When paired with Air-X and the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 Mobile Platform, Qualcomm TrueWireless Stereo Plus can help reduce power consumption by up to an additional 10%. It supports an even simpler pairing experience when connecting earbuds to the mobile device and helps reduce latency because both buds are connected directly to the smartphone.
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