MAG Audio Introduces 15 and 18-Inch High-Power Neodymium Woofers for Compact Applications

May 16 2016, 03:00
Displayed for the first time at the Prolight+Sound 2016 show in Frankfurt, MAG Audio announces the release of its highly efficient neodymium 15” and 18” woofers for modern lightweight high-power subwoofer units. Designed and manufactured in the company’s headquarters in Ukraine, the new transducers have already been tested in new professional audio speaker series presented by MAG Audio, and received favorable reviews from industry experts.

The new 15” 15N1200 and 18” 18N1200 woofers both share purposely designed 4” high-temperature inside-outside voice coils, capable of handling up to 1200W of nominal power, complemented with glass fiber reinforced cones and double silicon spider for extended lifetime without deterioration of its acoustic performance. The design also features double aluminum demodulation rings for improved voice coil cooling and optimized distortion behavior on extreme power levels, and vented box customized parameters.

Both speakers are based on neodymium, traditional MAG Audio self-centering magnetic systems, allowing for quick replacements and repairs, should it be necessary. A particular feature of the new transducers’ design is the space-saving octagonal frame assemblies, enabling a considerably smaller frontal footprint for subwoofer cabinets. Also important for modern bass reflex and band pass systems, the weight of a mere 7.5 kg for the 15” transducer, and 9.8kg for the 18” model allows for significant less transportation and handling costs in mobile and touring applications.

According to MAG Audio, the mew units were specifically designed for compact yet powerful single driver subwoofers, increasingly being used in mobile speakers systems, while also responding to larger, touring-ready dual subwoofers with reduced weight and considerable power capacity. 

“Following its successful presentation at Prolight+Sound 2016, the 15N1200 and 18N1200 speakers are expected to be in high demand by compact speaker manufacturers and touring equipment providers, as they are backed-up by 3-year warranty and highly competitive price policy,” the company says.

MAG Audio (Magnet Ltd) is the biggest producer of professional transducers and loudspeaker systems in Ukraine. Founded in 1991, the company designs and manufactures high-quality reliable world-class loudspeaker systems adopted in Ukraine and around the world. Besides designing and building speaker systems and transducers, MAG Audio provides a complete range of engineering services. Complete specifications and more details on MAG Audio transducers can be found on the company’s redesigned website.
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