LitePoint and ETS-Lindgren Partner to Create First Over-the-Air Bluetooth Low Energy Antenna Testing Solution

February 15 2017, 03:10
LitePoint, a provider of wireless test solutions, announced that they have partnered with ETS-Lindgren to create the first over-the-air test system for performing antenna measurements for Bluetooth low energy devices. This advancement ensures Bluetooth devices will be more reliable, and is critical to wireless product developers who need to characterize antenna performance and ensure their product designs will work in customer hands the way they were designed.

Until now developers of Bluetooth low energy products were forced to use wired test solutions for performing antenna measurements, which can significantly impact results for total radiated transmitter power (TRP), total isotropic receiver sensitivity (TIS), and antenna patterns. 

“Antenna performance is critical for any wireless device - if the antenna doesn’t work well, the product doesn’t work well. ETS-Lindgren is widely recognized as the leader in antenna measurement systems and with this partnership and new measurement solution, together we enable designers to build better Bluetooth low energy devices,” says Allen Henley, Product Marketing Manager at LitePoint.

With this partnership, ETS-Lindgren is now an authorized reseller of LitePoint’s IQxel-M test platform with Bluetooth Advanced software. The solution is integrated into the ETS-Lindgren Bluetooth low energy Antenna Measurement System for turn-key antenna measurements - providing TIS, TRP, and antenna pattern measurements.

Jari Vikstedt, Wireless Solutions Manager at ETS-Lindgren added, “Bluetooth low energy devices often have tight constraints on cost and size. As a result, we are seeing a lot more designs with marginal antenna performance. This directly impacts a customer’s perception of the device, but now with this new test solution from ETS-Lindgren and LitePoint, we can help developers build better performing, more successful products.”

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