Libre Wireless Technologies Now Offers Multi-Room Audio with High Resolution Audio Streaming to Multiple Devices

September 7 2016, 02:50
Embedded WiFi and wireless solutions provider, Libre Wireless announced their popular LibreSync WiFi media streaming platform including their advanced “Dynamic Direct Multinode Streaming” technology (DDMS) now enables full high resolution uncompressed audio streaming to multiple devices. The DDMS technology is unique in that it can stream this high bandwidth stereo 24 bit, 192 kHz lossless high resolution audio to up to ten highly synchronized devices throughout the home. 

According to Libre Wireless, this is a unique proposal for the audio industry and takes high quality multi-room audio to a whole new level in OEM/ODM application development. The DDMS technology can also be used in stand alone, outdoor and portable products enabling unique consumer and commercial applications now supporting multiple speakers playing synchronized high resolution music.

“Our team continues to optimize our DDMS streaming technology to take advantage of this unique approach and the many benefits it brings, a key of which is enabling incredible bandwidth in these multidevice streaming applications,” says Hooman Kashef, CEO of Libre Wireless Technologies. “We are quite proud to have now enabled an impressive 10 devices all streaming synchronized stereo 24 bit, 192kHz high resolution audio. With the ramping interest and increasing supply of high resolution audio content, this unique capability will bring discerning consumers the best experience and audio quality available in the market, and be able to stream it throughout their home.”

Based in India and with US headquarters in Irvine, CA, Libre Wireless Technologies has extensive expertise and experience in developing WiFi/Wireless technologies with IoT and Media streaming software and SDK platforms, electronic modules and RF/antenna design solutions. The LibreSync platform incorporates unique media streaming technology, with flexible WiFi/Bluetooth options, now also supporting Google Cast.
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