Le Pavé Parisien: A Unique Speaker Made of Concrete Presented at CES 2019

December 14 2018, 00:35
Standing for a circular economy and against planned obsolescence Le Pavé Parisien presents the only high-end wireless speaker entirely cast in concrete. This is how French company Le Pavé Parisien, a startup founded in 2016, introduces its first product, which can already be ordered online and will be shown at CES 2019 for the first time. Cast in concrete and 100% "Made in France," Le Pavé Parisien hopes to appeal to a market wishing to combine superior audio quality in a portable design that is entirely repairable and recyclable. 

To make the concept clear, Le Pavé Parisien published a "manifesto" on its website that states, "We are convinced that today's businesses must commit themselves to the service of the common good. Our story is told through human encounters, shared values and the desire to meet a thousand challenges together. Passionate and idealistic, we embarked in 2015 in the Great Adventure of the Parisian cobblestone with a goal: to manufacture all our paving stones in workshops in France. The goal is simple, activate local know-how and participate in the development of our society. From the copper wire to the shaping of the concrete, from the electronic card to the folded sheet, each piece of the Parisian pavement arose from meetings with artisanal and industrial know-how . Every day, we strive to make sense of what we do and to give an enthusiastic speech towards a new future, where innovation, creativity and Local manufacturing are intermingled."

"Le Pavé Parisien is profoundly committed to the circular economy," adds Pierre Axel Izerable, Co-Founder and CEO. “We stand against planned obsolescence and we strive to work with people who share our values. Through its eco-conception, Le Pavé Parisien tackles the environmental concern."

From concrete material to electronic board, every single part of Le Pavé Parisien has been designed to be repairable and recyclable. Concrete is an industrial material with excellent sound properties. Made out of ultra-high-performance fiber reinforced concrete, a product mixing aesthetic and durability the unique design allows a wireless speaker that avoids vibrations and sound distortions, and can be customized both in color and with engravings. And thanks to Microchip's latest Bluetooth technology, Le Pavé Parisien can be paired wirelessly in stereo and offers 16-hours of autonomy within a size of 10cm3 (3.93 in3) and 1.2 kg (2.6 pounds). Bandwidth goes from 60 Hz to 20 kHz and reaches 91 dB (A) thanks to 20 Watts RMS of Class D amplification, paired to a DSP processor. And Le Pavé Parisien can be part of a modular system, offering the possibility to set up several speakers and create an immersive sound environment.

The speaker features a Bluetooth 4.2 module and a mini-jack input, and there's also an audio output jack to connect Le Pavé Parisien with any other speaker - in Mono or Stereo - while supporting wireless stereo through Bluetooth. According to the company, the design will provide an estimated life cycle of five years minimum. Inside each speaker Le Pavé Parisien casts an NFC tag providing a unique serial number, and owner information, which will be stored in the company's database.

Le Pavé Parisien is already available online at $399. Orders are generally delivered in 2 weeks. Full speed deliveries are anticipated for February 2019. During CES 2019, the concrete speaker can be found on the Eureka Park - Level 1 - Booth #50441.3.
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