Knowles Introduces IA-610 Smart Microphone with Embedded Digital Signal Processor

April 20 2017, 03:00
Knowles Corporation announced it has sampled the new IA-610 smart microphone, combining a world-leading MEMS microphone with a best-in-class open digital signal processor (DSP) into a single subminiature package. This complete and customizable solution is similar in size to a MEMS microphone found in today’s leading mobile electronic devices, but delivers a customizable solution that enables advanced features like voice wake and acoustic event detection.

The new IA-610 smart microphone combines Knowles’ unique expertise in acoustics, audio processing, and software, providing an open DSP platform that enables OEMs and third-party software developers to create and customize advanced features, or leverage Knowles' software and algorithms for a turnkey solution. According to Knowles, this is their first intelligent microphone built on the company’s internally developed microphone and DSP technology platforms. The IA-610 enables features like voice wake with voice commands, spatial recordings, and acoustic event detection, such as breaking glass or an infant crying. "With voice rapidly emerging as the primary user interface, the IA-610 is the industry’s first customizable solution in a single package which simplifies audio design and can reduce total system costs," the company states.

“Our strong position with mobile consumer OEMs, control of our microphone and DSP design, and breadth of our product portfolio makes Knowles the ideal partner to solve our customers’ audio challenges,” says Mike Polacek, president, Intelligent Audio. “We are very proud to introduce our first smart microphone with an embedded, open DSP that will enable a new ecosystem where partners can develop new audio features across mobile, ear and IoT applications.”

The IA-610 is also the first embedded device to adopt the MIPI SoundWire interface. Knowles is a contributing member of the MIPI Alliance ( and selected this interface to simplify the design integration process and enable engineers to meet increasingly sophisticated designs, minimizing costs, pin count, and power consumption. The enhanced processor is also capable of connecting to all major audio and data interfaces, such as PDM, I2S, SDW, SPI, UART, and I2C. The IA-610 includes a Low Power Sound Detector (LPSD), an audio processing algorithm with acoustic activity detection technology licensed as an IP block, from Sensory, that can be enabled.

A demo of the IA-610 will be showcased during Knowles first Industry Workshop titled, “The Future of Voice and Audio for Connected Devices,” which will be held on May 17, 2017, as part of IoT World in Santa Clara, Calif. To register for “The Future of Voice and Audio for Connected Devices” Workshop, visit

Volume production of the IA-610 is expected later this year.
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