James Loudspeaker Unveils Ultra High-Performance Q-Series Floor-Standing Speakers

July 25 2017, 03:00
James Loudspeaker, designers and manufacturers of high-performance installation speakers, has announced the introduction of the new Q-Series floor-standing loudspeakers, a built-to-suit array of three models, combining Beryllium quad tweeter arrays in a powerful three-way design. Superb craftsmanship in a refined, customizable loudspeaker to fit any room, leveraging the company's know-how in 2-channel and multi-channel residential solutions.

In a competitive market, brands need to differentiate their offerings and that's particularly important when addressing the needs of the residential installation market looking for custom solutions whenever possible. According to the Californian brand, the new Q-Series of floor-standing loudspeakers is completely unique because in addition to three standard models, Q-Series speakers can be custom sized and finished to meet the exact needs of any environment. 

Leveraging the technology in James’ highly successful flagship BE-Series in-wall speakers, all three Q-Series models employ a rigid, reinforced MDF enclosure, a stylish grille made from elegantly coated aluminum bar stock and the signature James Loudspeaker 1-inch Beryllium quad tweeter array. "Each model is capable of handling enormous amounts of amplifier power, delivering undistorted, crystal clear audio even at massively high output levels. Aesthetically inspired by the majestic shape of beautiful Quartz crystals found in nature, these Q-Series masterpieces are an ideal foundation for a 2-channel music system and/or a multi-channel theater when a floor-standing form factor is the preferred solution," says the company.
The larger Q60 model has been engineered to use two amplifiers (bi-amplification), one for the full-range portion of the speaker and another for the internal 12-inch down-firing aluminum cone subwoofer. Together, they enable the Q60 to provide lifelike dynamics and the highest possible level of detail for music and movie soundtracks. Above the 12-inch subwoofer, which features a 3-inch voice coil capable of handling 1000+ watts of power, the Q60 utilizes a 3-way system comprised of two 8-inch woofers, two 6.5-inch midranges and the Beryllium quad tweeter array. MSRP $15,000 US (each)
Next is the Q48 model, implementing the same bi-amped system and 12-inch subwoofer as the Q60, utilizing a pair of 8 inch woofers, two 5.25-inch midrange drivers and the Beryllium quad tweeter array. As the mid-sized Q-Series model, the Q48 delivers superb detail, dynamic realism and effortless high output levels from a smaller form factor. Like the Q60, the Q48 is fully customizable in terms of finish and even physical dimensions if necessary. MSRP $10,000 US (each)
Finally, the Q30 loudspeaker has been meticulously tuned to deliver a highly refined listening experience from a small floor-standing form factor. Like the Q60 and Q48, the Q30 features the Beryllium quad tweeter array, ensuring a silky smooth high-frequency response, high output levels, low distortion and unmatched reliability. The 8-inch midrange and 8-inch long-excursion woofer all feature aluminum cones with Santoprene rubber surrounds for clarity, detail and longevity. MSRP $6,000 US (each)
All Q-Series speakers are built to the highest standards of fine craftsmanship and attention to detail by master craftsmen in James Loudspeaker’s Napa, CA USA factory. Available in a wide variety of premium finishes, James Loudspeaker Q-Series speakers are available now through authorized professional integrators. 
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