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iZotope Previews Ozone 6 New Mastering System

October 20 2014, 07:00
An entirely new mastering experience… That’s how iZotope introduced Ozone 6 at the 137th AES Convention in Los Angeles.
Completely redesigned based on observation on how users interacted with the application, the latest version of iZotope’s complete mastering system, has a workflow centered around creativity with a redesigned interface guiding users of all experience levels at every step.

“Reinvent timeless sounds by harnessing the sonic texture of classic analog gear, then tweak with the surgical precision of digital software. An intuitive display and robust visual feedback let you dial in your signature sound in just a few clicks,” says iZotope. Ozone 6 will also address the needs of both professional engineers and home studio producers, combining all the tools needed to produce professional-sounding masters in one elegant package.

Launching this fall, the latest version of iZotope's complete mastering system is mainly focused on improving the user interface. iZotope says it will release more information on its latest research and technology and more details on Ozone 6’s new features throughout the coming weeks. Meanwhile, iZotope is already offering promotional prices for upgrades and new reduced prices for new licenses: $199 USD for Ozone 6 and $599 for Ozone 6 Advanced.
Anyone who purchased Ozone 5 after September 1, 2014, will receive a free upgrade to Ozone 6 upon release.
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