HumBeatz Mobile Looper App from AmpTrack Technologies Allows Voice to MIDI Instrument Conversion

April 24 2018, 02:00
There are hundreds of innovative apps for iOS and Android devices, with many featuring advanced composition and recording tools. Swedish company AmpTrack Technologies just released their new mobile app HumBeatz, that lets users hum, whistle or beatbox and turn those sounds into a musical instrument. With HumBeatz, the vocal sounds can be used to easily and quickly create a bass line, drum groove, trumpet riff or other sounds, for creating musical parts, loops, stems or song sketches. 

This new mobile looper app (iOS, Android) is ideal for on-the-go musicians, enabling them to capture a song idea or take a melody or groove in their head and quickly hear it played back as an instrument, at any time, and anywhere, using a mobile device.

HumBeatz is also a 4-track looper that can be used for sketching out ideas and saving them. Included are two on-board effects - Reverb and Delay - to enhance how the result will sound, and users can save their creations locally, in the cloud or share them.

“HumBeatz is a unique approach to audio creation using MIDI conversion along with melodic and rhythmic functionally,” states Bil Bryant, CEO of AmpTrack. “Another innovative feature is the Teach function,” continues Bryant, ”which allows you to teach the app to accurately assign the rhythmic sounds you’re making to the correct instrument sound, to give you the precise parts and sounds you have in your head.”

AmpTrack Technologies AB is a newly formed music tech company based in Stockholm, Sweden that develops cutting edge music creation software for the web and mobile. The AmpTrack team is comprised of a collection of experienced and creative talents that are focused on making a major impact on the future of digital music making and music tech.

HumBeatz mobile looper app is currently available for Android and iOS for US $6.99. More information and tutorial videos are available at
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