Hernon Manufacturing Releases New Dual Turntable Precision Dispensing System

March 27 2017, 03:00
Hernon Manufacturing, a manufacturer of high-performance adhesives, sealants and the associated dispensing and curing equipment—has announced the release of a new product. The Autobonder 2512 replaces the 2511, a previous version of turntable dispenser, and now offers independently operating turntables and streamlined controls via a touchscreen Human Machine Interface (HMI).

The Autobonder 2512 is intended to ship as a kit that includes the 2512 control unit, a set of Hernon’s Sureshot dispensing valves, a pair of R125 1 gallon pressurized reservoirs, and detailed instructions on how to program the independently operated turntables. The machine is designed to apply sealants or adhesives to components along a circular path and is ideal for the manufacturing of speakers and other products with several circular components. The system can be remotely activated, manually triggered via a footswitch, or initiated via the PLC start button. 

A short video of the Autobonder 2512 in action can be seen here: Autobonder 2512 Dispensing Video

Specializing in custom high-performance adhesives and sealants, Hernon Manufacturing's problem-solving approach and competitive pricing help companies cut inefficiencies in the design, manufacturing and maintenance process that arise when using the “catch-all” adhesives from larger companies. Hernon Manufacturing supplies high-performance adhesives and sealants that reduce stress on products as well as the cost of manufacturing, with customized solutions that provide the exact formula needed for each specific application, including precise metering and dispensing equipment to apply the adhesive.

Hernon Manufacturing started offering dispensing machines to compliment the adhesive and sealant products already offered 12 years ago and successfully re-branded themselves as a total solutions provider. The company's equipment sales are now driving a string of successes with Hernon reporting an average of double digit sales growth for the last five years. "While all of our divisions are showing significant growth, the equipment side is clearly leading the charge." Sales and Marketing Director Edgardo Rodriguez commented. In 2016 alone, Hernon's equipment sales have more than doubled. "We are extremely proud of our equipment division," stated Harry Arnon, Hernon's CEO and Co-Founder, "each equipment sale cements a long term relationship with a customer and grants us the opportunity to provide the adhesives or sealants utilized by the dispensing equipment for years to come."
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