Hernon Autobonder 2101 Programmable Benchtop Dispensing System

May 26 2020, 00:25
A truly versatile tool for R&D, assembly or maintenance, the new Autobonder 2101 from Hernon Manufacturing is a benchtop adhesive and sealant dispensing system supporting a wide range of viscosities of materials using different syringe sizes. The new Autobonder 2101 features a programmable controller that provides manual and timed modes, helping to make it into an efficient dispensing tool in multiple applications, from speaker design to electronics.

Hernon Manufacturing’s problem-solving approach and competitive pricing in sealants, metering and dispensing equipment help companies cut inefficiencies in the design, manufacturing and maintenance process that arise when using “catch-all” adhesives. Hernon's customers are strong endorsers of these dispensing solution offering a customized adhesive that cuts waste, cost and application time. Developers look to Hernon for high-performance adhesives and sealants that reduce stress on their products as well as the cost of manufacturing.

Hernon is also unique in its ability to offer customized solutions and expert advice, many times resulting in valuable problem-solving ideas for new products like the Autobonder 2101. This is a new adjustable Air Pressure (maximum 100PSI) programmable controller using vacuum “pull back” for accurately controlled dispense volumes, providing On/Off digital timing options including Manual Mode, Time Mode, and Time Programming. 

Manual Mode overrides the timer circuitry and gives complete control of the dispensing to the operator through the use of a foot switch. Ideal for precision manual manufacturing, this simple dispensing system provides hassle-free dispensing on command.

Upon activation of the foot switch in Time Mode, the solenoid of the controller turns on the air dispenser which opens the dispensing valve and begins the flow of material from the needle tip for the set interval of time. After the pre-set elapsed time, the solenoid of the controller shuts off the dispense air which closes the dispensing valve and ends the flow of the material.

Finally, Time Programming mode offers a timer that can range anywhere between 00.01 seconds and 99.99 seconds, which the operator can quickly configure in the front panel. 1 sets hundredths of seconds, 2 sets tenths of seconds, and 3 and 4 set seconds respectively.

With these modes, users can also control the dispensing of adhesives and sealants from attached 30 CC syringes, with optional syringe sizes available. The Hernon Autobonder 2101 is available in 0-30 PSI or 0-100 PSI versions for compatibility of materials with different viscosities. And orders can be specified with 120V or 230V power supplies.

The complete Autobonder 2101 system includes the foot switch, two 30cc dispensing syringes, a syringe adapter, interconnect tubing and connectors, an aluminum syringe stand, and needle kit.

A video showing the 2101 syringe dispensing system in action is available here (or click the image above).
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