Fulcrum Acoustic Unveils New CCX Subcardioid Coaxial Loudspeaker

July 18 2017, 03:00
Fulcrum Acoustic has announced their latest innovative product, the CCX1295 single 12-Inch Subcardioid Coaxial Loudspeaker, expanding its range of high-performance installation solutions. Unlike conventional loudspeakers that trade off low frequency (LF) directional control for compact enclosures, Fulcrum's Passive Cardioid Technology enables the CCX1295 to achieve unprecedented LF/HF control for a product of its size.

The CCX1295 marks Passive Cardioid Technology's first application in Fulcrum's extensive TQ Install line of versatile installation loudspeakers. Combining the benefits of this technology with patented Temporal Equalization (TQ), the single-amplified CCX1295 delivers impressive LF directional control, improved intelligibility, enhanced sonic accuracy, and the output capability and pattern control of normal premium 2-way systems in a considerably lighter and more compact enclosure than those with offset drivers.

The CCX1295 is a coaxial, passive subcardioid loudspeaker designed for permanent installation that provides 9 dB of low frequency attenuation in the rear hemisphere while still providing the output capability of a normal 2-way system in a much more compact enclosure. Its coaxial transducer and 90° x 45° horn can be rotated in 45° increments, which allows its coverage to be tailored to an application’s requirements. The enclosure’s 40° vertically trapezoidal shape allows it to be mounted very close to ceilings with minimal effect on sight lines.

The coaxial transducer in the CCX1295 includes a 3 inch diaphragm compression driver. The large diaphragm area permits the compression driver to operate at frequencies too low for smaller compression drivers to handle. This allows the high frequency horn to smooth the polar response of the low frequency section in the frequency range where the horn would otherwise cause shadowing. It also allows the compression driver to produce extreme sound pressure levels with an effortless sonic character.

The coaxial woofer’s large radiating surface works in conjunction with the HF horn to improve directional control at the bottom of the horn’s operating range, increasing directional control beyond what can be accomplished by the horn alone. The coaxial transducer’s compact, neodymium magnet not only minimizes weight, but also allows very tight spacing between the compression driver and woofer voice coils. The delay between the driver outputs is thereby minimized, which allows the coaxial device to work well with a passive crossover.

Fulcrum Acoustic’s TQ processing is an integral part of the CCX1295 design. The acoustical design combined with state of the art digital processing leads to exceptional clarity and precise transient response, even at very high sound pressure levels. The required digital signal processing can be provided by one of many supported platforms.

"This passive subcardioid coaxial loudspeaker is the first member of our CCX12 family, the CCX1295 will soon be joined by 12-inch models offering a full range of horn patterns," says Fulcrum Acoustic Co-founder and Vice President of R&D David Gunness.

Passive Cardioid Technology was first introduced in Fulcrum's FL283 Line Array Module, is the basis for their Cardioid Subwoofers product line, and is a technology they continuously develop and evolve into new applications. The CCX1295 is particularly effective in systems where targeted pattern control is desirable, and is an excellent solution for high fidelity, foreground distributed systems. Its unique shape and compact size complements many architectural styles, which facilitates acceptance by interior designers and architects. This makes it a perfect choice for houses of worship, theaters, restaurants, transportation facilities, theme parks, and more.
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