Fairlight Announces Decision to Sell its Professional Audio Business and Focus on Licensing

July 21 2016, 04:10
Fairlight Announces Decision to Sell its Professional Audio Business and Focus on Licensing
Fairlight Announces Decision to Sell its Professional Audio Business and Focus on Licensing
Fairlight.AU, the Australian technology development company best known for its professional audio products that are used by many broadcasters and producers around the world, has announced that it is actively seeking a buyer for its Professional Audio technology and focus on licensing its existing user-interface technologies. Fairlight’s OEM licensing business includes patented human-machine interface solutions, Picture Key button labelling technology and tactile interfaces.

The Sidney-based company, known for its troubled 40 years’ corporate history, as well as major technology achievements, says that selling its professional audio business - which includes a series of recording and mixing consoles for broadcast, film and immersive 3D audio production - is an “opportunity for organizations to enhance their competitiveness with highly innovative technologies.”

On the announcement, Fairlight’s current CEO, Philip Belcher, also reveals interesting details, stating that “Over its long history, Fairlight has continually developed highly innovative professional audio technologies that are used by a large number of major content producers around the world. With a range of innovative new AES67 compliant audio distribution products approaching release, it has been decided that the potential for Fairlight’s professional audio technologies is much larger than can be achieved under the current ownership.”

Fairlight is seeking to enter into discussions with organizations that wish to leverage its professional audio technologies to augment their offerings and enhance their competitive positions in this rapidly evolving market. It is anticipated that with the level of interest for the technologies that offer the potential of a key strategic advantage as part of a larger portfolio, it should not be long before a transaction is complete.

Since 2014, Fairlight has been investing in new sophisticated audio production solutions and new audio engines capable of delivering up to 1000 simultaneous tracks, as well as real-time cloud collaboration solutions for broadcast and film production. Fairlight’s ground-breaking 3D Audio Workspace (3DAW), with full 3D object orientated audio capability, enables an efficient interface for immersive sound in formats such as Auro-3D, Dolby Atmos, and DTS MDA (now DTS:X). The company will now focus its efforts on its patented picture key work surface technology which it licenses to manufacturers of highly user interactive tactile equipment.
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