Expert Imaging and Sound Association (EISA) Awards 2020-2021 in Audio Categories

August 14 2020, 17:10
As the tradition mandates, even in times of a global pandemic, the Expert Imaging and Sound Association (EISA) announced its product awards for 2020-2021. Involving the editorial staff of 61 expert magazines from 29 countries across the globe, and still growing, EISA represents the largest editorial collaboration in the world of consumer electronics. EISA has now been celebrating the very best products for over 35 years. Since 2018, the initiative also involves publications from North America.

Following last year's evolution of the former European technical publications association to the new global acronym Expert Imaging & Sound Association, coinciding with the admission of new members from all over the world, including the United States, the winners of the prestigious EISA 2020-2021 Awards have been announced. 

Technical experts from leading specialist magazines and websites have recognized and awarded no fewer than 78 products as the best in their categories. These include the EISA premium soundbar, wireless loudspeaker, and EISA wireless headphones. Key to the success and relevance of the annual EISA Awards lies in the evolution of its categories, always reflecting the changing trends and technologies of the consumer electronics world.

Moreover, the Association itself continues to evolve and expand. In 2018, EISA welcomed new members from India, Japan and Hong Kong/China just as the old EISA acronym (European Imaging and Sound Association) became the Expert Sound and Imaging Association. During 2019 the Association swelled its ranks with additional members from the USA, Poland, Norway, Italy and Russia – enlarging EISA’s global footprint still further.

To win an EISA award all products undergo a comprehensive multi-step judging process. So, while EISA’s annual Convention in Antwerp in May and Awards Meeting in June were both cancelled due to the pandemic, the comprehensiveness of the Association’s product testing was not diminished. EISA combined weekly video conferences for all of its Expert Groups while coordinating the shipment of products between member countries. This year, judging was extended over many months, fueling lengthy and highly informed discussions. EISA’s democratic voting process was reinforced, establishing a consensus of excellence that ultimately determined the winning products.

All products – with the exception of those awarded for Innovation or Design – must have been available for detailed test evaluation by the magazines in each Expert Group. Products are only considered if they have been available for assessment before July 1st by at least five member magazines in the appropriate Expert Group. Awarded products must also be on sale to the general public in at least 10 countries, no later than October 1st, in the year the Award is made. Awarded products sold on a pre-ordered basis must be delivered to the customer within two weeks of ordering, and by October 14 at the latest. (The pre-ordering exception is only applicable to products priced at €5000 or over)

Every year, the EISA Awards celebrate those new products that offer a combination of the most advanced technology, the most desirable features, the most functional ergonomics and – of course – the best performance for the money. In essence, EISA highlights the products most likely to be appreciated by consumers seeking versatility, style and performance.

Cancelled this year due to the global pandemic, the EISA Awards are traditionally presented during an official ceremony, attended by all representatives of EISA’s member magazines and websites. Presidents of the winning companies are also officially invited. In recent years the annual ceremony has taken place at IFA Berlin, the world's largest consumer electronics trade fair.

As always, audioXpress highlights all the audio-related winers in the Hi-Fi, Home Theatre Audio, In-Car and Mobile Devices categories. And, as always, there are many surprises!

The EISA Awards 2020-2021

Hi-Fi Expert Group
EISA Loudspeaker 2020-2021
SVS Prime Pinnacle

EISA Wireless Loudspeaker 2020-2021
System Audio legend 5 silverback

EISA Best Value Bookshelf Loudspeaker 2020-2021
Monitor Audio Bronze 100

EISA Best Value Floorstanding Loudspeaker 2020-2021
Focal Chora 826

EISA Amplifier 2020-2021
Arcam SA30

EISA Smart Amplifier 2020-2021
NAD Electronics Masters M33

EISA High-End Integrated Amplifier 2020-2021
Musical Fidelity M8xi

EISA High-End Pre/Power Amplifier 2020-2021
Rotel Michi P5/S5
EISA Turntable 2020-2021
Thorens TD 1601

EISA Best Value Turntable 2020-2021
Pro-Ject T1

EISA Digital Source 2020-2021
Volumio Primo

EISA Best Value DAC 2020-2021
iFi Audio ZEN DAC

EISA Phono Preamp 2020-2021
Primare R15
EISA Audio Accessory 2020-2021
Pro-Ject VC-E

Combined With Mobile Expert Group
EISA Headphones 2020-2021

EISA Mobile Audio Player 2020-2021
FiiO M11 Pro

EISA Portable DAC/Headphone Amplifier 2020-2021
AudioQuest DragonFly Cobalt

Home Theatre Audio Expert Group
EISA Home Theatre Speaker System 2020-2021
Arendal Sound 1961 Series

EISA Best Buy Home Theatre Speaker System 2020-2021
Triangle Borea Series

EISA Smart Soundbar 2020-2021
Harman Kardon Citation MultiBeam 700

EISA Premium Soundbar 2020-2021
Bang & Olufsen Beosound Stage

EISA Home Theatre Receiver 2020-2021
Denon AVC-X4700H

EISA Home Theatre Subwoofer 2020-2021
SVS SB-2000 Pro

EISA Home Theatre High-End 2020-2021
Trinnov Altitude platform

EISA Home Theatre Headphone 2020-2021

EISA Home Theatre Amplifier 2020-2021
Emotiva Audio XPA Gen3

EISA Soundbar 2020-2021

EISA Best Buy Soundbar 2020-2021
TCL TS9030 Ray Danz

Mobile Devices Expert Group
EISA In-Ear Headphones 2020-2021
Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2

EISA On-Ear Headphones 2020-2021

EISA Mobile Speaker 2020-2021

In-Car Electronics Expert Group
EISA In-Car Sound Processor 2020-2021
EISA In-Car Best Value DSP 2020-2021
Ground Zero GZDSP 4-8XII
EISA In-Car Amplifier 2020-2021
Mosconi Gladen Atomo 2
EISA In-Car DSP Amplifier 2020-2021
Eton Stealth 7.1 DSP
EISA In-Car Speaker System 2020-2021
EISA In-Car Subwoofer 2020-2021
Hifonics ZRX6D2
EISA In-Car High End Component 2020-2021
Audison bit One HD Virtuoso

Other Awards in the remaining categories are listed in the EISA website here:
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