Eastech Expands Punktkilde Catalog with Radial Magnet Series and Releases Five New Transducers

November 24 2020, 02:10
Eastech has recently released five new drivers in its Punktkilde brand catalog. Punktkilde is Danish for "point source," which intends to highlight products designed by Danish high-end driver OEM Scan-Speak. The newly released drivers include the AUGWL0030-JN02, a 12" 8Ω woofer with a carbon pulp diaphragm; the 2" full-range AUGFL0005-JN08 compact design, and the 2.25” ultra-thin AUGWL0006-JN01, 3" AUGWL0008-JN07, and 3.5" AUGWL0009-JN04 radial magnet woofers.

Founded in 1971, Eastech is one of the largest loudspeaker manufacturers in the world, with approximately 6,000 global employees including over 160 engineers specialized in acoustics, electronics, hardware, software and systems engineering. The company is headquarter in Taipei, Taiwan (Eastech is listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange), and currently owns R&D facilities in
Videbaek, Denmark (Scan-Speak) and Hui Yang, China, directly integrated with the company's software and electronics R&D facilities in Hui Yang, Shenzhen and Singapore.

Eastech's core business combines manufacturing complete audio systems - from headphones, to soundbars and complete speakers - with manufacturing transducers for the mass consumer market, as well as for pro audio and automotive applications. The company's state of the art manufacturing facilities in Hui Yang, China, are a vertically integrated operation, able to handle plastic injection, electronic production, wood assembly and processing, and incorporating an advanced, high-capacity automated transducer production operation.

The company's engineering capabilities and acoustic expertise allows Eastech to handle high-quality loudspeaker projects, from transducer design using Comsol, FEMM, and Loudsoft software for acoustic modeling and tuning, perform 3D Finite Element Analysis to simulate and optimize the acoustic profile and system’s mechanical structural design, and perform rigorous evaluation and design characterization using Listen and Klippel measurement solutions.

Punktkilde, designed by Scan-Speak, produced by Eastech is the tagline that translates the brand's intention of pursuing supreme sound quality, acknowledging its Danish heritage on designing premium quality transducers. Within the relatively recent Punktkilde range, we can find already a number of interesting innovations and original designs, including some great looking woofers and tweeters using distinct metallic red baskets and frames (see the Punktkilde FSA044010-0802 Titanium Dome Tweeter Test Bench here), a complete line of ultra-thin woofers, and patented “dual-surround” suspension woofer designs.
A display showing some of the latest new drivers from Punktkilde, as presented at CES 2020, with the latest Magnesium Lithium Alloy Cone Series at the front.
Closer view of some of the Punktkilde Magnesium Lithium alloy woofers.
For 2020, the brand introduced its Magnesium Lithium Alloy Cone Series, which explores the full potential of this material with 20% lower density than that of magnesium, and a 5 times higher damping coefficient. The special raw material structure and unique processing of magnesium lithium metal foil makes it an ideal choice for speaker diaphragms. The stiffness and strength is also improved in this alloy, which also has the advantage of high yield for mass production. The Mg-Li Alloy series currently includes one dome tweeter model, and four woofers in 4" to 8" sizes.

Another innovation that Punktkilde has been perfecting is part of its new Radial Magnet Transducer Series, a unique slim design that is ideal for soundbar and portable speaker applications, targeting premium audio qualities. This series uses a patented dual suspension design with a dual-ring radial structure on a magnetic motor system for improved BL(x) and Kms(x) symmetry performance. A key advantage is its very low distortion comparing to conventional magnetic motor designs. A very exciting development from Punktkilde with new products now being introduced.

Five New Transducers
Among the latest products confirmed by Punktkilde, we can find the AUGWL0030-JN02, a 12" ferrite magnet 8 ohm woofer with bump bottom plate and high excursion voice coil. The woofer features an aluminum shorting ring (Faraday shield), semi-pressed paper cone (40% pulp and 60% carbon fiber), foamed rubber surround, 75.5mm (3”) diameter voice coil wound with CCAW wire. Basic specifications and Thiele-Small parameters detailed include 91dB 2.83V/1m sensitivity, 200W long term IES 17.3 power handling, Qts=0.398, Fs=34Hz, 5.5Ω Re, and Xmax=3.75mm.
The Punktkilde AUGWL0030-JN02 8Ω 12" woofer.

Next is the AUGFL0005-JN08, a 2" diameter neodymium magnet 4Ω full-range driver that features a 1" diameter voice coil wound with CCAW, a black anodized aluminum cone with a rubber surround, 83dB 2.83V/1m sensitivity, and 15W long term IES 17.3 power handling. T-S parameters include: Qts=0.38, Fs=130Hz, 3.4Ω Re, Xmax=1.25mm.
CaptionThe Punktkilde FAUGFL0005-JN08 4Ω full-range driver.

Part of the latest Radial Magnet series is the AUGWL0006-JN01 ultra-thin (27.1mm depth) 2.25” diameter neodymium magnet 4Ω woofer. This slim woofer features a 35.6mm (1.4”) diameter voice coil, a black anodized aluminum cone with a rubber surround. Rated specifications detail 82dB 2.83V/1m sensitivity, and 10W IES 17.1 power handling. T-S parameters include: Qts=0.63, Fs=158Hz, 3.4 Ω Re, Xmax=2.2mm. 
The Punktkilde AUGWL0006-JN01 4Ω Radial Magnet woofer.
Also part of the Radial Magnet series, the AUGWL0008-JN07, is an ultra-thin (32.2mm depth) 3" diameter radial neodymium magnet 4Ω woofer that features a 35.6mm (1.4”) diameter voice coil, and a black anodized aluminum cone with a rubber surround. Rated specifications detail 85dB 2.83V/1m sensitivity, and 10W IES 17.1 power handling. T-S parameters include: Qts=0.46, Fs=101.4Hz, 3.3Ω Re, Xmax=2.2mm.
The Punktkilde AUGWL0008-JN07 4Ω Radial Magnet woofer.
Finally, there is also the AUGWL0009-JN04 3.5" Radial Magnet woofer model that completes the range. This driver also features a 1.4" CCAW voice coil with aluminum former, black anodized aluminum cone with a rubber surround. Rated specifications detail 88dB 2.83V/1m sensitivity, and 10W IES 17.1 power handling. T-S parameters include: Qts=0.53, Fs=92.4Hz, 3.4Ω Re, Xmax=2.2mm.
The Punktkilde AUGWL0009-JN04 4Ω Radial Magnet woofer.
In the AUGWL0006-JN01, AUGWL0008-JN07 and AUGWL0009-JN04 woofers, the double radial and long magnet system provides high excursion and no stray magnetic field, while a large hole is punched in the bottom of the U-yoke to reduce air pressure at the high excursion. The black anodized cone and dust cap extends the high frequency response.
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