Earthquake Sound Introduces New Patented PUMP 12 Passive Radiator Design

August 23 2017, 03:00
Earthquake Sound is now promoting its latest patented design, which entails an advanced improvement over the previous patent for the successful Symmetrically Loaded Audio Passive System (S.L.A.P.S.) Radiator. Since its initial appearance in early prototype phase, the new PUMP 12 passive radiator design has been impressing everyone with its ability to increase a subwoofer's SPL up to 6dB. The new PUMP 12 passive radiator module is now available.

Earthquake Sound's new PUMP-12 passive radiator module, designed and patented by Joseph Sahyoun, the company's president, is essentially two horn loaded 12-inch passive radiators in a single unit. With many different applications and uses, the PUMP-12 is designed to add up to +6dB of bass without any need of additional input power when installed in a sealed enclosure. As the Californian company details, the PUMP-12 design features a horn loaded neck with anti-rocking dual suspension system that increases speaker impedance. When used in a sealed enclosure, there is one peak of resonant frequency at which the amplifier draws the least current.

For over 30 years, Earthquake Sound has produced a variety of high quality audio products that have impressed audio communities around the world. In 1997, using his existing expertise in the audio industry, Joseph Sahyoun expanded his company to home audio production. From mobile audio to pro sound and home audio, Earthquake Sound was granted many design patents.    

The company's previous SLAPS technology was patented years ago and it was a first in the industry, providing additional bass, without additional amplifier power or enclosure volume, and featuring user-tunable adjustments. Now, the company follows up with what is basically a double SLAPS in one single unit. The Pump 12 increases the SPL at low frequencies yet maintaining a small enclosure. With a piston area of 226 (0.1458 m2) with cutout dimensions of 5-1/2" x 12-3/4" (140mm x 324mm), the new passive radiator module can improve a speaker box response regardless of the application, including home audio, car audio and professional audio. 

Earthquake Sound is also promoting the new concept for OEM applications and the DIY market. Anyone interested in exploring the new module in its own designs is encouraged to get in contact with Abraham Sahyoun (email) or Mrs. Rani Sentana Austin (email).
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