Earin Shows Lessons Learned on True Wireless M-2 Earbuds

January 16 2017, 03:10
Earin is a new Swedish brand, founded in 2013 to create simple high fidelity audio devices that "fully explore the potential of sound and technology." The company is already on the market with their M-1 Wireless Earbuds, a first-generation product targeted at music listening without wires. At CES 2017, Earin introduced their new M-2 earbuds, scheduled to ship in late Q1, and featuring a combination of the latest Bluetooth LE technology with NXP's Near Field Magnetic Induction (NFMI) chip.

Earin says the M-2's will redefine wireless audio. The next generation in the company's line of True Wireless Earbuds marry the fashion-forward Scandinavian design elements that Earin revealed in their first iteration M-1's, with cutting-edge technology. Following a successful Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, the company located in Malmö, Sweden, was promising to ship in mid 2014 and effectively delivered the promised "world's smallest earbuds" in August 2016 (!) Still the waiting was worth it and Earin now fully understands the challenges of designing wireless products. Like many other companies in this field, Earin had to learn that synchronizing two separate devices without wires over Bluetooth is not easy and that the intended audio-quality experience is not easily achieved once you place the earbuds inside the ears and the streaming music source goes in the pocket or inside a bag. For this second generation, Earin is not trying to revolutionize the category but instead is focusing on offering an improved version with simple touch controls, also featuring the latest technology available.

The M-2 earbuds are designed to create a seamless user experience – answering calls, playing/pausing music, and skipping to the next song – all with a touch interface on the tip of the earbud. With a unique shape that creates better isolation from the outside world, the M-2 earbuds - on par with the Erato Apollo 7 - are among the smallest and lightest available on the market. The Earin magnetic docking capsule both stores and charges the earbuds, offering three hours battery life with one charge and 12 hours of music - similar specs to their M-1 earbuds, which was able to offer 2-3 hours of music listening and up to three extra charges on its compact cylinder docking capsule.

The main difference behind M-2 comes in the form of proprietary technology developed by Earin that lies between the earbuds, leveraging a dual antenna and Near Field Magnetic Induction (NFMI) design, powered by NXP Semiconductors's chip resulting in a reliable and more stable connection between the left and right units. The charging capsule was also improved, now featuring magnetic docking, in line with similar products.

"The hearables category is expected to grow to a $16 billion market by 2020 and we are leading the field with a True Wireless product designed to provide increased functionality that solves the current issues of smart audio devices found in the marketplace today," says Kiril Trajkovski, co-founder and President of Earin. "Our top-notch team of audio, electronic, mechanical and software engineers worked hand-in-hand with our in-house product and antenna designers to create a fashionable 'ear'gonomic design and technology that addresses both wireless stability and audio quality." 

Earin M-2 True Wireless Earbuds will release in late Q1.
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