Earin Re-introduces Earin M-2 True Wireless Earphones with Google Assistant

September 4 2018, 00:10
Available in black and white versions, the new Earin M-2 true wireless stereo earphones introduced at IFA 2018 coincide also with a reimagined vision for the Swedish lifestyle brand, harkening back to its entrepreneurial roots. The relaunched M-2's feature improved patented technology and all-new color variances to mark a reset of the iconic earphones that launched the company and, to this day, remain among the smallest and lightest on the market. The Earin M-2 are now available in black and white versions in territories around the globe.

Like most of the true wireless projects launched on crowdfunding websites, the story of Earin was off to a rough start, even though the company did effectively shipped the original product and later perfected the concept, resulting in the original M-2 earbuds introduced in 2017 in limited territories. Earin was among the first companies to design a True Wireless audio product in 2014, at a time when no other company had figured out how to incorporate the technology. The original M-2 model was among the first to leverage ultra-low power ear-to-ear communication from left to right earbuds using NXP Semiconductor’s MiGLO technology with Near Field Magnetic Induction (NFMI). The market has come a long way since then, and now the company returned to IFA with a revised version of the M-2, implementing a voice digital assistant.

Working hand-in-hand with Google, Earin has implemented Google Assistant in its M-2 earphones, allowing users to access Google’s digital assistant simply with a long press of the earbud. This enhanced experience allows connectivity to every day uses at any time, such as voice search or adding appointments to Google calendar.

Currently available in black and white, a suite of hot new color variants including mint, rouge and light gold, will be available later in 2018. Otherwise, the M-2 earphones allow answering calls, playing/pausing music, and accessing digital assistants, all with a touch interface on the tip of the earbud. The magnetic docking capsule both stores and charges the earphones, offering up to 14 hours of battery life.
“We are so pleased to finally be able to bring M-2 to market in regions around the globe, having worked tirelessly to develop a product that we feel delivers the best user experience out there,” says Kiril Trajkovski, co-founder and president, Earin. “We look forward to what the future holds and continuing to work with world-class partners and innovating with new technologies.”

To accommodate busy everyday lives, the M-2 earphones were uniquely designed with an all-new patented automatic left/right recognition technology. The accelerometer is configured to provide a signal indicative of an orientation, thus eliminating the need to mark each earphone with an R or an L, and the need for users to look for such marks when inserting them into their ears. Once inserted, the earbuds automatically pair to the user’s smartphone or other Bluetooth device.
Earin doesn't detail any changes in driver's choice, leading to assume they kept the choice of Knowles balanced armatures. Weighing in at only 4 grams, the M-2 provides an exceptional audio experience thanks to NXP's MiGLO technology with Near Field Magnetic Induction (NFMI), that enables radio signals to be transmitted across the human body instead of being absorbed like traditional Bluetooth technology. The low-power of the solution allows the redesigned M-2 to claim up to 4 hours of continuous usage, with up to 14 hours of battery charge with the capsule.

“NXP is thrilled to have Earin embrace MIGLO technology and unleash a great user experience in the M-2 True Wireless earphones,” says Bart De Loore, vice president at NXP. “NXP’s MiGLO stands as a beacon of quality for consumers. MiGLO warrants uninterrupted and low latency wireless streaming of high quality audio and data. It features low SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) and power consumption. Both attributes are key to reduce size and weight of wireless earbuds, as demonstrated in the M-2 True Wireless earphones.”

With a unique shape that creates isolation from the outside world, four integrated microphones with an industry-leading custom algorithm “catches the sound” where it sounds most natural – in our ear. A custom algorithm filters out unwanted sounds, such as being on a subway platform, or taking a call in a busy café - allowing users to interact freely and communicate while talking with confidence.

The Earin M-2 True Wireless Earphones are now available for purchase online in both white and black and will release at select retail partners in Europe later in 2018. Earin M-2 is also currently available at retail stores in China and Japan. The $249 USD/Euro retail price includes the earphones and charging capsule, custom ergonomic tips to ensure a perfect fit and high quality audio, and a micro USB charging cable.
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