EarFun Teams Up With Edifier to Create Brand's First Noise-Cancelling Earbuds

October 15 2020, 00:30
The new EarFun Air Pro Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation True Wireless Earbuds are the brand's first with the technology that consumers are now demanding. The new TWS earbuds with active noise cancelling are called the Air Pro (what else?) and feature technology and sound signature designed and engineered by Edifier, the large Chinese audio manufacturer that was the first public listed audio speaker company in China, and the owner of Japanese electrostatic headphone company Stax.

EarFun is a young Chinese brand, established in 2018 by a collective of experienced industrial designers, acoustic engineers, and entrepreneurs targeting the design of next-generation wireless audio devices using the latest technologies. EarFun's two previously released earbuds, the Free and Air true wireless, have been praised for their quality, value, and price-defying performance. What was missing from the brand's offering until now was a pair of noise-canceling earbuds. With the Air Pro, EarFun is finally delivering its first attempt at reigning in unwanted outside sounds so users can enjoy their music or focus on a conference call.

For the development, EarFun worked closely with the engineering department of Edifier, to perfect its proprietary QuietSmart intelligent hybrid ANC solution, an effort to enhance essential aspects of the product's experience. The new Air Pro ANC true wireless earbuds claim to deliver an advanced hybrid active noise canceling system that reduces outside sound by up to a significant 38db. That's six to ten decibels higher than the majority of the earbuds in the segment at the moment.

The Air Pro's hybrid ANC QuietSmart implementation, combining a feedforward and a feedback microphone on each earbud like all hybrid ANC solutions, continuously adjust the arriving and reproduced signals using the QuietSmart algorithm. According to EarFun, the company's sophisticated algorithm monitors and analyzes sound both inside the ear cavity and outside, allowing it to fill in missing sound frequencies. And by analyzing the acoustic characteristics between the driver unit and the resulting sound in the ears at a rate of 400 times per second, the intended result is an informed suppression of ambient noise without compromising on the resulting audio frequency response of music or speech.

EarFun and Edifier have also collaborated closely to define the Air Pro's sound signature. Edifier has designed and engineered the Air Pro's dynamic drivers, featuring a 10mm composite design, with a sound profile that promotes vocal clarity while intensifying bass presence, "creating an expansive, articulate sound that feels whole," they describe.

And the Air Pro's also feature the now mandatory Transparency Mode, allowing users to not constantly have to pause or mute their music to interact with a person or divert to something that requires complete auditory attention. The Air Pro features a Transparency Mode that turns off ANC to allow users to hear their immediate surroundings, immediately, using the Intuitive Touch Controls on either earbud. And if the user decides to take out one of the earbuds, the infrared in-ear detection system will automatically sense the displacement of either earbud and pause the music.

The other aspect of the noise cancellation implementation on the Air Pro is related to the company's 6-Microphone Call Technology, driven by the customized noise cancellation algorithm. EarFun has placed great emphasis on call quality and, regardless of the environment, the microphones on these true wireless ANC earbuds are supposed to deliver crystal clear calls, even when inside bustling coffee shops, or busy gyms. And if working out at the gym, the IPX5 sweat and water resistance rating delivers the required protection.

Using Bluetooth 5.0, the Air Pro maintains a stable and secure connection up to 33 ft., obstacles notwithstanding and delivers 9 hours of use with an additional 23 hours on the charging case, offering USB-C Quick Charge. All these top of the line features are combined in a distinct design, with an extremely competitive price in the category, now available on Amazon and EarFun's website for $79.99.
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