Dialog Audio Supports Live Event Streaming Events to Paying Audiences

December 9 2020, 00:25
Audio performance tools developer Dialog Audio announced availability of its That’s Live streaming service — supporting bands, DJs, orchestras, or spoken word artists alike during the pandemic. Following the recent introduction of its all-in-one Live Audio streaming service, the German company decided to move into servicing live event streaming to paying audiences with no setup charges and no fixed costs involved, providing the technical infrastructure.

What is often a prohibitively costly, complicated venture, streaming live events to paying audiences has effectively now been opened up to any band, DJ, orchestra, or spoken word artist who wishes to do so. Straightforward and fair in its implementation, the That’s Live specialized streaming service from Dialog Audio provides the technical infrastructure for facilitating worldwide live event streaming to paying audiences with no setup charges and no fixed costs involved. 

The company believes this throws an economic lifeline to many more of those artists trying to work within the tightly-restricted confines of a live events industry severely impacted by COVID-19 restrictions on public in-person events. After launching its Live software and streaming service options available as Pay-as-you-go or with a monthly subscription, Dialog Audio decide to advance into servicing live streaming directly.

To use That’s Live, users just need to register online to use Dialog Audio’s live streaming service platform. After quickly creating and scheduling a live event, users can immediately start promoting and selling tickets to an worldwide audience with an automatically-generated event webpage that can conveniently be linked from social media channels, websites, and e-newsletters. 

The tickets bought from the event page are e-mailed to buyers after a successful transaction; ticket holders can then listen to the live stream as soon as the event starts. Simply speaking, Dialog Audio’s financial partner transparently takes care of all payments worldwide, including any taxes that may arise, while Dialog Audio itself handles customer support and, of course, the technical infrastructure for 15% of the revenue, leaving the band, DJ, orchestra, or spoken word artist using the service with an average 85% share of each ticket sold.

The event streaming is powered by Dialog Audio’s own CDN (Content Delivery Network), which the company says can guarantee that the audio stream concerned can also be streamed reliably to remote locations anywhere in the world (within reason). Receiving listeners can choose from the widespread HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) format as an AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) standard for lossy digital audio compression encoded at 128, 192, or 320 kbps adaptive that can be played back on commonplace operating systems such as Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, and Windows, or MPEG-DASH (Dynamic Streaming over HTTP) format as an AAC standard for lossy digital audio compression encoded at 192 kbps that can also be played back on those operating systems, albeit not supported by all media players. While all commonplace media players — including iTunes, Mplayer, and VLC, to name but a few — can be used by listeners, commonplace web browsers can usually play one of those two aforementioned streaming formats.

Any band or artist considering streaming a live event to a paying audience for the first time just needs to have access to standard recording equipment such as an audio interface (to create the audio signal), a computer with Dialog Audio’s Live Processor cross-platform desktop application installed (to pick up the audio signal and stream it to the connected stream server), and an Internet connection (to transmit the stream). 

That’s Live acting as a specialized audio streaming service platform provides all the required technical infrastructure to reach a worldwide audience in the most straightforward and fair way possible - with no setup charges and no fixed costs involved.

Online registration is available online.
More information about That’s Live is available in a dedicated webpage here.
The Live Processor software from Dialog Audio is available to download for macOS (10.7 or higher) and Windows (7 or higher).
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