Dayton Audio WFA400 4-Zone Wi-Fi Audio Receiver and Streamer Gains Mobile App Integration

March 29 2019, 00:45
Dayton Audio announced its WFA400 4-Zone Wi-Fi Audio Receiver is now able to support wireless, whole-home, multi-room and multi-user streaming thanks to its integration with the new Hi-Fly app for iOS and Android. With the new mobile app integration, the WFA400 provides total control over a whole home audio system right from the user's phone or tablet. And the new Dayton Audio Hi-Fly App turns any mobile device into a fully-featured remote control for all Dayton Audio Hi-Fly enabled devices.

The Dayton Audio WFA400's 4-channel design makes it a great solution for whole home distributed audio systems. Featuring RCA line, optical and USB inputs for multiple music sources, any existing audio equipment can be shared between zones covered by the home Wi-Fi network. And the WFA400 supports both Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n in 2.4 GHz at 150Mbps) and LAN input for flexible network connectivity. It also features optical, coaxial, and RCA line outputs to ensure all possibilities and the highest quality audio reproduction, enabling wireless whole house audio without having to replace existing speakers. With its 1U rack mount format, the WFA400 can be installed in one central location such as an equipment rack or AV closet and used to control an entire audio system wired or wirelessly via the new Hi-Fly app.

The Dayton Audio Hi-Fly App allows users to play music from any favorite streaming providers like Spotify, or from the user's home network or mobile device. With the Hi-Fly app, users can send music to individual zones, or group their Hi-Fly enabled systems together for true multi-room audio. Plus, the music continues to play even if when the phone is turned off or it is used to take a call. The WFA400 is also compatible with Apple Airplay and DLNA for even more streaming flexibility.

The home integration allows using the Dayton Audio WFA400 Receiver and Streamer in multiple ways. In Multi-Room mode, audio will play synchronized in multiple rooms for seamless listening. In Multi-Channel mode, users can play any song to any single device or group devices together. And the Multi-User mode allows different users in the home to control the audio source for different devices. Using the LAN port allows users to plug the WFA400 directly into a wired home network. Once the WFA400 is connected it automatically detects and setups all four zones. The zones will be displayed in the device menu of the Hi-Fly app. To set up the WFA400 wirelessly, each zone needs to be setup individually through the Hi-Fly app.

The Dayton Audio WFA400 is available now for $432.83 USD (List Price) and the Hi-Fly app is available for free on the App Store and Google Play stores.
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