Dayton Audio Announces New MK402BT Powered Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers

March 21 2018, 03:10
Featuring the same build quality and articulation as the original top-rated MK402 speakers, Dayton Audio launched the added convenience of a wireless connection with the new Dayton Audio MK402BT Powered Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers. The built-in amplifier on the MK402BT is able to provide up to 80 watts of max output power, while a local control panel allows users to change tracks, volume, and even pause/play songs directly from the speaker itself.

The new Dayton Audio MK402BT 2-way vented bookshelf speakers ($119.99 list price) feature an attractive, textured black vinyl finish that stands out upon first glance. The cabinet offers a unique geometric design for the baffle which sets it apart from much more basic speakers in its price range. The grill is removable and made of a high-quality black cloth that discretely obscures the most appealing features of this design: the drivers.
The 3/4" silk dome tweeter is elegant, with an airy top-end that can be appreciated by anyone who enjoys the delicate side of music often left behind by most speakers. The dispersion from this tweeter provides a life-like ambiance which truly sets the scene for your music.
The 4" treated paper woofer is able to play down to the 60 Hz range with ease. Normally, a woofer of this size would limit the upper-frequency range, but that is not the case here. This Dayton Audio woofer plays through a large portion of the vocal range, adding coherency and smoothness to music for enhanced melodic enjoyment.

Lastly, the MK402BT includes a simple control panel on top of the active speaker. This convenient panel allows users to set volume, start and stop playback, and change the source straight from the speaker itself. The integrated Bluetooth 4.2 module allows wireless audio playback from any compatible audio source with remote control from the source device, or directly via the controller atop the MK402BT active speaker. This controller allows users to set volume, start and stop playback, and change the source.
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