dB Technologies New High Performance Theater Series Stage Monitors

October 7 2014, 07:00
Italian RCF Group is comprised of RCF SpA and A.E.B., which manufactures products under the brand dB Technologies.

dB Technologies launched their new high performance TH “theater” series stage monitors. The initial introduction include the DVX-DM12 TH and DVX-DM15 TH active two-way stage monitors, both able to achieve high output 136 dB max SPL. Featuring either 12” or 15” neodymium woofers with 4” voice coil coupled with 1.4” exit HF neo compression driver with 2.5” voice coil, the cabinets feature, double EQ preset and input and output panels on either side with universal switch mode power supply. Frequency response on the DVX-DM12 TH is 63Hz-16 kHz and on the DVX-DM15 TH is 55Hz-16 kHz (+/-6 dB).

A unique feature of the TH series monitors is the ability to rotate the front panel HF drivers to configure the monitor with the horn on the right or on the left for stage positioning and stereo configuration purposes. In addition, the 90x40 horn can be rotated for proper pattern coverage.

Utilizing the latest in amplifier technology from dB Technologies, the TH series incorporates a two-way Digipro G2 amplifier which splits the power delivering 750-watts RMS to the low frequency section and 375-watts RMS to the high frequency section. Conceived to operate in full-range mode using SMPS (Switched-Mode Power Supplies) and PFC (Power Factor Correction) technologies, both stage monitors assure operation with supply voltages between 100 Vac and 240 Vac, ensuring the same performance even with floating and non-stabilized power supply.

The linear response and accurate frequency response allow the TH series to be used on stages large or small, wherever high levels of performance are required. A selector located on the input panel allows to choose between two preset equalizations – EQ FLAT and TH EQ.

The monitor cabinets are constructed of heavy-duty 15-mm multi-layer birch, painted with a black polyurea for ruggedness and roadworthiness. All inputs (Powercon and XLR input) are located at one end with the links (Powercon and XLR output) at the opposite end for ease of pass-through connectivity. The input section also includes LED indicators monitoring the internal limiter circuit, amplifier status, power voltage, input sensitivity and audio signal presence. Two recessed side handles facilitate transport.

More information on the DMX-DM12 TH available here
More information on the DMX-DM15 TH available here
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