Cymatic Audio Adds Dante Compatibility to AudioLan Option Card

January 24 2017, 03:00
Following a series of interoperability demonstrations at previous trade shows, during NAMM 2017, Cymatic Audio announced the addition of Dante compatibility to the AudioLan option card for its uTrack24 multitrack recorder, player and interface. Cymatic also added an all-new Playlist feature ideal for “virtual sound check” purposes and/or enhancing live band performances with pre-recorded tracks, for its uTrack-X32 expansion card.
Cymatic Audio's AudioLan option card is the ultimate audio networking solution for the company's uTrack24, a rackmount 24 Channel multitrack recorder, player and interface, bypassing the need for expensive infrastructure with proprietary routers and switchers. Natively supporting RAVENNA as well as the new AES67 AoIP interoperability standard, the AudioLan card enables users to integrate any uTrack24 seamlessly into RAVENNA environments as well as any other AES67-compliant networks.

Cymatic Audio continues to enhance connectivity options with the release of this firmware update specifically targeting integration into AES67-compliant Dante networks and the management of its AES67-streams directly in the Dante connection manager. Using AudioLan, users can feed 24 channels from the audio network (be it RAVENNA, Dante, QLAN, Axia, Livewire or any other AES67-compliant network) into uTrack24 when in recording mode or playback mode. All 24 tracks are available at any network destination and all via a single, off-the-shelf RJ45 network cable, with support for 44.1 to 96 kHz sampling rates.
The new feature will be available from the end of January 2017 as a free firmware update from the downloads section of the Cymatic Audio website.

AudioLAN is the combination of AES67/RAVENNA audio network streaming and CopperLan MIDI/Command + Control streaming over standard network configurations using traditional Cat5 cable and routers/switchers. Developed by Archwave, AudioLan is a completely integrated hardware & software package to guarantee professional grade audio thru an AES67 network. In recent years Archwave has invested in RAVENNA and AES67 audio network technologies and became recognized as a provider is network bridging, USB and recording solutions for audio applications. Archwave’s AudioLan product family includes a range of cost-effective modules available from 4 to 128 channels, with self-finding (auto IP address creation) and self-healing (hot swappable cables) protocols and of the shelf hardware components.

Playlist feature for uTrack-X32
Engineered in Switzerland and manufactured in Germany, the uTrack-X32 is a feature-packed expansion card from Cymatic Audio that brings a wealth of extra functionality to the Behringer/Midas X32/M32 series of world-class digital mixing consoles. Cymatic Audio now announced the addition of an all-new Playlist feature ideal for “virtual sound check” purposes and/or enhancing live band performances with pre-recorded tracks.

Designed for straightforward operation and ease of use, users simply need to hit Play for instant playback. A selectable “no delay” option enables gapless playback of multiple songs within a playlist and song order can be edited on the fly with the dedicated uRemote software available for Android, IOS and Windows devices. The uTool utility software for uTrack-X-32 allows users to easily create and manage custom playlists, offering the ability to assign output channels to audio files, set start modes for each song in the playlist, arrange song order and much more.
Built on the same technology of Cymatic Audio’s uTrack24 recorder/player, the uTrack-X32 is the world’s first 32-channel recorder/player expansion card for the X32 and M32 family of consoles. It fits snugly into the X32 or M32 expansion card slot, operates completely independently and does not interfere with the console’s mixing operations. uTrack-X32 can digitally record 32 channels direct from the console, without the need for additional hardware or computers, so there is no need to setup, wire, make new sessions, arm tracks or verify input levels.
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