Comply Foam Launches Comply Universal Foam Tips

September 14 2016, 03:00
Comply Foam launched new foam audio tips with patented SmartCore technology, making it easier than ever for casual consumers to choose a solution for their earphones. With the launch of its new precision-engineered Comply Universal foam tip line of audio accessories, Hearing Components is making quality sound and comfort a “grab-and-go” no-brainer for casual consumers.

Increasingly endorsed by manufacturers, Comply Foam earphone tips from Hearing Components improve significantly the user’s experience with virtually any type of earphones. The breathable memory foam provides all-day comfort by eliminating the in-ear irritation and fatigue often associated with traditional silicone tips. Brands are increasingly including Comply Foam tips with their new earphone models for consumer and professional applications, while retailers provide replacements according to the different soundport nozzle designs and sizes.

Specially suited for unassisted sales environments, the new Comply Foam Universal tips – made from patented SmartCore technology – securely fit the vast majority of earphones on the market. That means big box and specialty retailers can save coveted customer service resources and peg space, while satisfying customers in search of premium audio accessories.

“We created these as a gateway for music lovers, podcast listeners, gamers and sports enthusiasts who want and appreciate superior performance and fit, but don’t have the time or desire to memorize soundport dimensions,” says Chris Hudson, director of engineering. “Our Comply Universal Foam tips provide the same ‘wow’ factor as our other premium product lines. So, now the people on the move or running errands can ‘grab and go’ to hear sounds they’ve never heard before – conveniently and confidently.”
Comply Universal foam tips come in three easy-to-choose-from styles, with the Comply Isolation tips blocking noise from the external world, without raising the volume, and Comply Sport+ with SweatGuard featuring an acoustically transparent filter to protect earphones from moisture damage. And, just like all Comply precision-engineered premium tips, the universal line uses proprietary memory foam technology that is body-heat activated to conform to the unique shape of an individual’s ear canals. This dynamic, custom fit ensures earphones stay put, while sealing in all frequencies for a fuller sound.
Comply Universal foam tips are available worldwide in two-pair packs, with a suggested retail price of $14.99 and $16.99 (USD).
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