Comply Introduces New and Improved Comply Foam Tips 2.0 for Apple AirPods Pro

October 9 2020, 00:25
Hearing Components, the owner of leading brand Comply, announced a new and improved formula for its Comply Foam Tips made purposefully for Apple AirPods Pro, which ship with with soft silicone tips that are not for everyone, and certainly not for long hours of continuous use. Comply's super-soft memory foam ear tips are proven to offer all-day comfort and a secure fit for any activity. The new Comply Foam Tips 2.0 Compatible with Apple AirPods Pro, optimize performance and comfort even more.

Comply Foam Tips 2.0 are engineered with improved foam-core adhesion, precision attachment channels to click onto the device just like stock tips, and a mesh protector to keep the device free of dust and debris. And they're designed to fit in the charging case without interference.

Super-soft memory foam conforms to users' ears for a custom fit that provides all-day comfort and holds earbuds in place during any activity. This memory foam also helps creating a tight seal that changes with the dynamic ear canal to block out distractions and enhance the Active Noise Cancelling feature of Airpods Pro. In fact, Comply provides instructions for users to chose the correct size of earn tips - usually a different size from the adopted silicone original - in order to precisely fit the earbuds.

"Comply Foam Tips are a big win for Airpods Pro users," says Chris Hudson, President at Comply. "The silicone tips that come in the Airpods box are uncomfortable when you're on extended calls, have a long commute, or are simply trying to enjoy some music. And who hasn't had an earbud unexpectedly pop out? Our memory foam tips fit securely in your ear and are comfortable all day. In fact, there are times when I forget I'm wearing earbuds."

Comply Foam Tips 2.0 are available now for $24.99 for a 3-pair package. For more information Comply Foam Tips 2.0 Compatible with Apple AirPods Pro. Access the Product page.
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