Comply Foam Launches Tips for Apple AirPods Pro

April 27 2020, 03:10
It wasn't an easy development, but as the largest supplier of foam tips for earbuds, Comply Foam needed to respond to the challenge. Plus, it promised to be a very profitable investment, given the many million AirPods that Apple sells, compared with other earbud models which the company also serves with dedicated tips, in different materials and multiple sizes. After a series of delays caused by the current pandemic situation, the new Comply Foam Tips compatible with AirPods Pro are now available for $24.99.

The company had previously launched the SoftConnect by Comply tips designed for AirPods (first and second generation) but the design is far from ideal since it changes the loose-fit experience of the original Apple product, and the tips have to be removed before charging - a big inconvenient for most. Still, with the unique SoftConnect design for Airpods, Comply Foam demonstrated that there are no impossibles and that the solution of building a silicone layer cover for the shinny AirPods surface, adding a soft tip at the end was attractive for some. 

But clearly this is not what Apple intended and there's a reason why the AirPods are not truly in-ears (read this article for more about the AirPods design and loose-fit form factor. Actually, it was precisely because the AirPods frequently fall out during daily jogs and exercise that Apple revised the design for the AirPods Pro, creating an insert tip - which not only helps to keep the earbuds in place but also improves audio reproduction, and more importantly, delivers an important support for the active noise cancellation feature.

And as any AirPods Pro user quickly discovered, the soft-silicon tips that ship with the device can be extremely effective at passive isolation, but are not comfortable for all. Many users report excessive heat inside the ears, and discomfort after more than two hours of use. Many also reporting feeling itchy after just a few minutes. The issue is well-documented in the contact of rubber and silicone-based materials with the human skin, and in particular in sensitive areas such as the inside of the ear.

That's exactly why Comply Foam tips are so popular worldwide, offering a secure alternative material for physical activity and all-day comfort. The tips are manufactured with body heat activated memory foam that creates an ultra-soft and comfortable listening experience. The new Comply Foam tips compatible with AirPods Pro are a welcome update to the original Apple design, are simple to install and remove, and can stay in place even when the earbuds go inside the case for charging.

The new tips are available in three sizes, and each pack includes 3 pairs. Well done Comply Foam!
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