Better Stereo Sound for iPad with OIO Amp Wireless Speaker Case

September 5 2016, 03:10
OIO, an independent startup in portable tech products and audio solutions, announced the launch of their flagship product Amp, an ultra-portable iPad speaker case for iPad Air, iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro 9.7. Amp is the first integrated sound system of this kind with symmetrically positioned right and left channels for a true stereo sound theater experience with an iPad (or other Bluetooth enabled smart devices). The 900mAh 7.4v Lithium Ion rechargeable battery provides up to 7+ hours of run time.

“We began working on Amp with the goal to create a unique experience in the crowded field of Bluetooth speakers,” says Gregg Davis, Owner and Founder of OIO. “Our first and foremost focus has always been elevating shared experiences through the devices we love and use every day. And with the iPad, we saw the untapped potential to create a one-of-a-kind personal entertainment hub with Amp.”

Amp’s top of the line stereo sound includes two ultra-low profile electromagnetic exciters, multiple audio codecs (A2dP), and two resin fiber honeycomb acoustic panels that are covered with microfiber optical quality fabric. The solution provides improved sound reproduction through the unique Honeycomb speaker design and a built-in amplifier that provides a room-filling sound experience.

Its portability makes Amp a great traveling companion bringing high quality entertainment anywhere in a sleek protective case. According to OIO, the lightweight speaker case is compact, highly durable, and versatile, using high quality aluminum speaker frames. The folding speakers close over the iPad, while the stand folds back behind the case, creating a theater experience that goes anywhere. Easily paired once, Amp automatically connects again on startup.  

OIO’s Amp is available in three colors, including classic Asphalt, vibrant Limon and soft Periwinkle. Through the Amp Indiegogo Campaign backers will be able to pre-order the product before it officially hits the market at significantly discounted rates. First-tier backers participating in the pre-sale will have access to rates as low as $99 USD. The first round of mass production is already underway and early bird backers will have their products shipped in October 2016. Following the campaign, Amp will be available through the company’s website, and retail partners for $249 USD.
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