B&K Precision Extends Programmable AC Power Sources up to 3000VA

August 3 2017, 03:10
B&K Precision announced a new line of AC power sources that deliver up to 3000VA, principally for product designs that depend on grid power anywhere in the world. In addition to a boost in range from the company's previous line of 1500VA instruments, the new power sources can also serve as a power source for DC and AC+DC product development, and feature amplifier mode to handle complex waveforms. They also can simulate surges and sags, as well as waveform distortions and noise, features that typically come in more-expensive instruments.

B&K Precision designed its new 9830 Series of programmable, single-phase AC power sources for testing electronic devices during design, service and manufacturing. Delivering up to 3000VA and featuring an operating frequency to 1200 Hz, the 9830 Series builds on B&K Precision’s popular and widely deployed family of AC power sources, giving designers a more versatile test instrument for developing products requiring a wider range of power.

The 9830 Series - Model 9832 with AC power of 2000VA, and Model 9833 with 3000VA – delivers highly accurate sine output with low total harmonic distortion (THD) when operating in AC output mode (IEC 61000-3-2 standard). Their built-in output options include sine, square, clip-sine, harmonic distortion and user-defined waveforms. The competitively priced 9832 and 9833 each feature an amplifier mode with 1.2 kHz bandwidth for generating complex arbitrary waveforms.

"Power requirements vary widely by region and country, so we designed the new 9830 Series to allow development of a broad range of AC-power products for the global market,” says David Holt, senior product manager at B&K Precision. “These new AC power sources deliver a compact yet feature-rich and cost-effective solution that can meet designers’ current and future output power and frequency needs, while enabling pre-compliance testing in accordance with international standards.”

The 9832 and 9833 can be used to simulate power-line disturbances and worldwide power requirements. Additionally, 12 on-screen measurements provide detailed information about the device under test: Vrms, Arms, Vdc, +Apk, -Apk, inrush current, frequency, power factor, apparent power, reactive power, true power, and crest factor. The instruments’ AC+DC mode can be used to provide DC bias voltage and is also useful for power-line disturbance testing.

Both instruments support remote-interface standards common in system designs: LAN, GPIB, USBTMC-compliant USB, and RS232. The 9830 Series’ intuitive user interface features a numeric keypad, rotary knob, navigation keys, a 4.3-inch color LCD display capable of displaying 12 measurements simultaneously, and a USB host port. The instruments can also be controlled from a standard web browser via built-in web server, and there is a downloadable LabVIEW driver and soft panel software for remote control.

Other features in the new 9830 Series include a digital I/O port supporting external trigger, transient indication, failure status indication, remote inhibit, and external analog output level programming interface. The series also features comprehensive protection modes OVP, OCP, OPP, OTP, fan failure, output timer and key lock. 

Available immediately, B&K Precision's new 9832 and 9833 AC power sources are backed with a three-year warranty and listed at a price of US$6,450 and US$7,650, respectively.
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