B&C Speakers Introduces New MBX Woofer Series

July 7 2016, 09:00
B&C Speakers has just introduced its new MBX series of mid-bass woofers, available in 6-inch, 8-inch, and 10-inch frame sizes. Designed as a solution for two way systems and multi-driver applications, according to the Italian manufacturer, the new MBX woofers offer a balance between low and mid frequency reproduction, with high sensitivity for reduced amplifier current requirements. All woofers feature a neodymium ring magnet, copper-clad aluminum voice coil wire, ventilated voice coil gap, and an aluminum demodulation ring.

As B&C Speakers details, this series is the result of years of research into new cone formulations and coatings, which results in a wide-bandwidth transducer with exceptional sensitivity. “MBX series woofers were designed from the ground up to enable the current design trend towards two way systems that have few compromises compared to the three or four way designs that were popular recently. Naturally, they are equally applicable to the cinema or install markets where they can be used either as an extended low frequency midrange, or as the sole low frequency component. When coupled with B&C’s latest generation subwoofers and compression drivers the MBX series completes today’s highest performance loudspeaker systems.”

The MBX platform’s technical specifications feature a neodymium ring magnet, copper clad aluminum voice coil wire, ventilated voice coil gap, and an aluminum demodulation ring to reduce distortion. All woofers are built upon a cast aluminum basket that serves not only as a lightweight framework, but also increases power handling and heat dissipation. Low moving mass and FEA optimized high strength magnetic circuits provide fast transient attack, while the brand’s specially treated surround and spider damp distortion-inducing resonances quickly. This series also introduces a new hydrophobic cone treatment, offering extreme weather protection without increased moving mass.

Besides their wide applicability, the MBX series was carefully designed with cost in mind. “By working closely with suppliers, our engineering team was able to offer this series at reduced cost without compromising the famous B&C performance and quality. All our transducers are designed and manufactured at our headquarters in Bagno a Ripoli, Italy to the same exacting standards. Whether you’re a new customer looking for the latest technologies or have been working with B&C Speakers your entire career, the MBX series has something new to offer. We hope the MBX series of mid-bass woofers will help our customers in continuing to develop the world’s best loudspeakers for the world’s most critical applications,” the company adds.

Current models include the 6MBX44, 8MBX51, and 10MBX64 and specifications for the new MBX series are now available on the B&C Speakers website
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