Avid Announces New Pro Tools MTRX SPQ Speaker Processing Card

August 17 2018, 05:00
Avid announced the availability of the Pro Tools MTRX SPQ Speaker Processing Card for speaker calibration and bass management. Built for the Pro Tools MTRX audio interface, the SPQ speaker processing option card enables complete control of monitoring systems and enables users to fine tune their mixing environment for a consistent experience across mono, stereo and immersive formats. The card offers precise control to manage bass and EQ monitors, and cue signals for the most challenging music and audio post-production projects.

“Immersive formats are now commonplace in film and television and becoming popular in music as well, and engineers need to monitor their work in multiple formats,” says Rob D’Amico, Director, Market Solutions Pro Audio & Digital Business Development, Avid. “With the Pro Tools MTRX SPQ Speaker Processing Card, customers can maintain a consistent, high-quality sound when switching between different audio formats and speaker sets—enabling them to keep pace with increasing session complexity.”

The Pro Tools MTRX SPQ Speaker Processing Card features 1,024 IIR filters across 128 channels per card (up to 16 filters per channel) at 48 kHz or less at a maximum sample rate of 384 kHz. Room tuning supports up to 16 filters per channel and bass management supports multiple subwoofers, with latency adjustable, up to 800 ms per channel.

The card integrates with DADman and Pro | Mon software for MTRX, enabling to save and recall configurations for any audio format—from stereo to immersive audio, including 64-channel Dolby Atmos, with speaker match between various immersive audio formats. In conjunction with Pro Tools MTRX, the SPQ option card is a fully integrated speaker processing and I/O solution that streamlines workflows and eliminates the need for additional devices in the signal chain.

The Pro Tools MTRX audio interface currently provides the highest quality for the popular Pro Tools software. Developed in collaboration with Digital Audio Denmark (DAD) and designed for Pro Tools HDX, HD Native, and other pro audio systems, it delivers the superior sonic quality of DAD’s legendary AD/DA converters, as well as extensive, flexible routing and monitoring control.

Pro Tools MTRX is fully modular and with eight card slots, and it can be customized to fit any workflow. With the addition of the SPQ card, there are now 10 different option cards available.
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