Aurender Music Servers First to Support RAVENNA Networking

January 31 2018, 03:00
Merging Technologies announced that it will be showing an Aurender X100 Music Server directly connected to a RAVENNA AoIP network and using a MERGING+NADAC as the DAC. This significant move sees Aurender be the first manufacturer to take advantage of the benefits that a RAVENNA network can bring to home applications, as part of a multi-room or multi-zone system without any of the traditional cable length limitations of USB connectivity. 

Apart from USB digital audio output, the Aurender X100 Music Server features an Ethernet port and supports up to 12TB (depending on model) of internal storage with a 120GB solid-state drive. NAS storage can also be included as part of the installation and the library can be conveniently controlled from a tablet running the Aurender Conductor App. The RAVENNA network supports all file types and formats up to DSD256, although Aurender products do not yet support native DSD playback. 
This innovation will be commercially available within Q1 2018 and will also be featured on the following Aurender products: A10, N10, N100 (N100C, N100H), X100L (X100S) and W20. “The launch of MERGING+NADAC in 2015 demonstrated the value of using RAVENNA in a home environment,” remarked Merging’s Product Manager, Dominique Brulhart. “We are delighted to see Aurender becoming the first of many manufacturers that will be switching from USB to AoIP in the future, not only server/players but also DACs, thus offering a choice of high-end components. The combination with our products is an ideal solution for existing and future Aurender purchasers.”

This demonstration will be hosted in the joint Merging Technologies/Terrason room 255 at the Norddeutscher Hi Fi Tage in Hamburg. This important event for Northern Germany takes place February 3 – 4 2018 at the Holiday Inn Hamburg Elbbrücken. The demonstration will additionally feature products from Merging Technologies, Vivid Audio and Mola Mola. Merging will also demonstrate the MERGING+PLAYER and the new MERGING+POWER and the choice of music will be managed by Bert van der Wolf from local Merging distributor, Edison Productions. The result from this combination of superlative audio components and stunning music has previously amazed audiences at the recent XFi event in the Netherlands, and at High End Munich and the Deutsche HIFI Tage in Darmstadt in 2017.

The forthcoming High End Show 2018 in Munich (May 10–13 - will no doubt be an important moment to witness the advantages of RAVENNA home network applications with unlimited high resolution audio support. |
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