Audiomatica Releases 64-bit CLIO Pocket 2.12 Beta Software With Support for macOS 10.15 Catalina

June 1 2020, 00:45
Audiomatica recently made an important announcement for users of the CLIO pocket portable measurement system. The company announced the end of alpha development phase and the release of CLIO pocket 2.12 x64 software, the much requested and highly anticipated 64-bit enabled release of CLIO pocket which runs under the latest macOS 10.15 Catalina - which dropped support for 32-bit applications and strengthened the security requirements for applications distributed outside the App Store. Audiomatica confirms the software will be distributed to CLIO pocket users through a Beta application program for now.

As announced mid April 2020, Audiomatica released CLIO 12.5, a software update for its CLIO family of products with multiple new functions. CLIO 12.5 is dubbed by Audiomatica as "the next step forward" in the software, supporting and driving its existing FW-02 audio interface and ready to accommodate future developments. Operating system support was then extended to the latest Windows 10 (now supporting Secure Boot) and already offering 64-bit support. See all the details here.

At the same time, Audiomatica announced also the release of CLIO pocket 2.1 software, mainly a bug fix release that improved stability and introduced minor updates, together with an updated version of the Clio Pocket Manual. The update to version 2.1, free for all users already using CLIO Pocket 2 through the company’s CLIO Software Upgrade Service, unfortunately didn't introduce support for Apple's newest macOS 10.15 Catalina, which only runs updated 64-bit software. The new 64-bit CLIO 2.12 software also streamlines application distribution according to the new Apple security requirements.

CLIO Pocket user who need the update must request to be eligible to participate in the x64 Beta Testing in the company's website (go here). All applicants are required to have a genuine CLIO pocket 2 system prior to submitting their application. Beta Testers agree to report any flaws, errors or imperfections discovered in the software to Audiomatica.

For those less familiar with the CLIO pocket here is the audioXpress original review by Joe D’Appolito, available online here.
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