Audiomatica’s CLIO Pocket Electro-Acoustical Portable Measurement System

October 28 2015, 12:00

Joe D’Appolito was asked by Audiomatica to beta test its latest creation, the CLIO Pocket, comprised by the CP–01 Audio Interface (hardware) and software designed to run on Windows and Apple Mac OSX. This in-depth review shares how it works and what’s possible with this solution that consists of two systems - a signal generator and an audio analyzer. Joe explores the benefits of this lower cost electro-acoustic measurement system that literally fits in your pocket.

Joe himself comments on his review introduction, “I have been using CLIO electro-acoustic measurement systems for about 20 years, going all the way back to the CLIO 4.0 - a DOS-based system using the HR–2000 signal generator / audio analyzer PCI board. So I was especially excited when the folks at Audiomatica asked me to beta test their latest creation, the CLIO Pocket.”

The CLIO Pocket was presented at the 2014 Audio Engineering Society (AES) show in Los Angeles, CA, and is now a finished hardware product sold since March 2015. Audiomatica continues to develop the software further and all users will receive free upgrades for all the life of the actual 1.xx major release.

Now you can read the complete review online here.

This article was originally published in audioXpress October 2015
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