Astro Spatial Audio Announces BlackTrax Integration at InfoComm 2019

June 17 2019, 00:35
Astro Spatial Audio debuted full integration between its industry-leading true object-based audio technology and the renowned BlackTrax real-time tracking technology at InfoComm 2019. When it comes to the best audio experiences, nothing generates more excitement in audiences then perfect alignment and synchronization between sound sources and sound reinforcement, something that becomes much easier to do when using a tracking solution, such as BlackTrax.

Based on a ground-breaking new algorithm which seamlessly converts Real-Time Tracking Protocol (RTTrP) signals to Open Sound Control (OSC) commands, the BlackTrax integration forms the centerpiece of a busy show for Astro Spatial Audio. During InfoComm 2019, Astro Spatial Audio demonstrated the integration with BlackTrax at the Martin Audio demo room, whose Sound Adventures immersive audio system had the Astro Spatial Audio SARA II Premium Rendering Engine at its heart; while the Alcons Audio demo room featured the Pro Ribbon Immersive Experience with Astro Spatial Audio.

Developed in response to high market demand, the arrival of BlackTrax integration further reinforces Astro Spatial Audio’s entirely brand independent philosophy which has already seen it become a trusted choice for immersive audio installations, offering audio professionals the freedom to choose the loudspeakers, consoles and third party brands they want to use.

The heart of the Astro Spatial Audio solution is the award winning SARA II Premium Rendering Engine. Measuring just 3U but delivering up to 128 MADI or 128 Dante configurable network pathways, the SARA II Premium Rendering Engine converts audio signals into audio objects and uses extensive metadata to precisely calculate object positions within virtual 3D space over 160,000 times per second, as well as that object’s acoustic effect on the virtual space around it. 

Astro Spatial Audio (ASA) combines the principles of Wave Field Synthesis with the intelligence and power of the SARA II Premium Rendering Engine to create a sophisticated spatial sound platform that offers new creative options for tours and installations in planetariums, theme parks, museums, nightclubs, cruise ships and more.
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