Astro Spatial Audio Shines with Object-Based Audio at Integrated Systems Europe 2019

February 5 2019, 00:25
During Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2019, Astro Spatial Audio (ASA), will validate its status as the professional audio industry’s sensation for true object-based audio, as it appears on the booths of not one but three major loudspeaker manufacturers. In addition, a new AAX plug-in will be previewed, offering full remote control and monitoring of the SARA II Premium Rendering Engine within Pro Tools and the Avid S6L live mixing console.

There’s still not many around, but so far Astro Spatial Audio can claim to be the world’s leading independent solution for object-based 3D sound. And that’s mainly because the company’s solutions break the chains of manufacturer specific systems, instead opting for a brand agnostic approach that frees sound designers and engineers to use the sound equipment and brands they prefer. Most recently, a series of immersive showcases drew crowds to the Clair Bros booth at the 2018 NAMM Show in Anaheim, CA.

At ISE 2019 in Amsterdam (February 5-8), Astro Spatial Audio will drive demonstrations across three separate halls, beginning on the booth of Alcons Audio (6-H150), as the Dutch manufacturer brings its popular Pro-Ribbon Immersive Experience back to the RAI exhibition center. Nearby, Martin Audio (7-K190) will present its Sound Adventures immersive solution, powered by ASA. Finally, Clair Bros (5-X122) will again affirm its support for Astro Spatial Audio.

All of the demonstrations will be driven by the 3U SARA II Premium Rendering Engine – the heart of the Astro Spatial Audio solution and the reason why the company is leading the object-based audio revolution. Offering up to 128 MADI or 128 Dante configurable network pathways at 48kHz/24-bit resolution, the SARA II engine converts audio signals into audio objects and uses extensive metadata to precisely calculate that object’s position within virtual 3D space in real time, as well as that object’s acoustic effect on the virtual space around it. The outcome is a truly three-dimensional audio canvas upon which engineers can unleash the potential of their show.

Astro Spatial Audio (ASA) combines the principles of Wave Field Synthesis with the intelligence and power of the SARA II rendering engine to deliver a spatial sound platform that’s scalable and easy-to-operate. Delivering new creative options on tour with major artists and in theatres worldwide, fully object-based immersive audio can increasingly be found in venues as varied as houses of worship, planetariums, theme parks, museums, nightclubs, cruise ships and more.

“Sound designers and engineers should be able to benefit from the remarkable possibilities of object-based 3D sound without being restrained in terms of which speakers they can then use – that’s been our belief from the beginning, and at ISE 2019 we’re going to demonstrate exactly what that means,” comments Astro Spatial Audio Managing Director Bjorn Van Munster. “We are very proud that so many highly respected brands are choosing to recommend our technology.”

Meanwhile, even more compatibility will soon be available courtesy of a new AAX plug-in for Pro Tools. Scheduled for full release in the second quarter of 2019, the plug-in will be Mac compatible and provide GUI-based control and monitoring of standard SARA II parameters via OSC.
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